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OSU Buildings Histories in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Building History

A color image of Weniger Hall.


Completed in 1960 and dedicated in 1962, this building was originally known as the Physics-Chemistry Building. It was named for Willibald Weniger in 1966, the same year that a sixth floor was added. Weniger came to Oregon Agricultural College in 1908 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a PhD in physics. He was responsible for founding, organizing, and heading the physics department from 1908 until 1914, when he accepted a research position at the Nela Research Laboratory. Dr. Weniger then returned to OAC in 1920 and served as department head, Assistant Dean of the Graduate Division, Associate Dean, and, eventually, Dean of the Graduate School, until his retirement in 1949. Weniger is perhaps best known for his invention of a translucent blackboard and a typewriter attachment for typing Greek letters and mathematical symbols.

General Information


103 SW Memorial Place


Burns, Bear, McNeil & Schneider

Year Built



Reroofed in 1992; remodeled in 1984; drain piping replaced in 1986; third floor remodeled in 2001

Square Footage

211,077 sq ft


Office and classroom space for the physics, rangeland science, fisheries and wildlife, pharmacy, statistics, and botany departments, as well as the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences and the College of Engineering. 

Previous Name(s)

Physics-Chemistry Building (1962-1966)


Willibald Weniger - founder of the physics department and professor from 1908 to 1914; returned to Oregon Agricultural College in 1920 to serve as the Physics Department Head and, later, as Assistant Dean of the Graduate Division, Associate Dean, and Dean.

Historic District

Yes; contributing building


Facilities Services Records, 1888-2003, Folders 110, 111, 112, and 113


Facilities Services Records, 1888-2003. Series XX:  Campus, Farm, and Property Maps, 1899-1990. Campus and Farm Maps: 3-A

Oregon State University Campus Maps, 1894-1994


Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980

Further Archival Information

SCARC: The Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection includes information about the dedication and construction budget for Weniger Hall, as well as information about the building's namesake, Willibald Weniger. In addition, the News and Communication Services Records include information about the construction and dedication of Weniger Hall. 

Oregon Digital: A search for Weniger Hall yields hundreds of results, many of them historic photographs and mentions of the building in university periodicals.