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OSU Buildings Histories in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Building History

A color image in the Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Lab.


Constructed in 1964 and made possible by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, the Food Toxicology and Nutrition Lab included space for two laboratories, a diet mixing room, a workshop, and space for 48 fish tanks. In 1966, an additional laboratory was constructed, which doubled the number of fish tanks available, as well as adding a new workshop, another diet preparation room, and two constant temperature rooms. In 2004, the Food Toxicology and Nutrition Laboratory was rededicated as the Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory to honor the late Russell O. Sinnhuber, a researcher and professor at OSU in the department of food science and technology.

General Information


28645 East Hwy 34


P. Daniel Read

Year Built



1966 - laboratory addition constructed 

Square Footage

17,280 sq. ft. 


Provides laboratory space for the Pacific Northwest Center for Translational Environmental Health Research and the OSU Environmental Health Sciences Center.

Previous Name(s)

The Food Toxicology and Nutrition Laboratory (until 2004)


Russell O. Sinnhuber - researcher and OSU Department of Food Science and Technology professor

Historic District



Partial blueprints can be found in the Facilities Services Records, Box 79


Facilities Services Records, 1888-2003. Series XX:  Campus, Farm, and Property Maps, 1899-1990. Campus and Farm Maps: 3-A

Oregon State University Campus Maps, 1894-1994


Oregon State University Historical Photographs, 1868-1980


Further Archival Information

SCARC: The Jerry D. Hendricks Papers include mention of the Food Toxicology and Nutrition Lab and the Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Lab and the research conducted within the lab. Additionally, the OSU Memorabilia Collection includes newspaper clippings about the research conducted within the lab. 

Oregon Digital: A search for "Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory" yields several results, including mentions of the lab in university periodicals and photos of lab's namesake. In addition, a search for "Food Toxicology and Nutrition Laboratory" yields several results, many of them photographs of the lab and researchers working in the lab.