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Regional Politics and Policies in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center


The Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections and Archives Research Center (SCARC) maintains and makes available the University's unique collections of manuscripts, archives, photographs, and books. Subject strengths include:

We acknowledge that materials in SCARC collections and the language that describes them may be harmful. We are actively working to address our descriptive practices; for more information please see our SCARC Anti-Racist Actions Statement.

The Special Collections and Archives Research Center public service point is located in the Reading Room on the 5th Floor of the Valley Library at Oregon State University. If you plan to visit us, please check our calendar.

See our Guide to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center for more on how to visit SCARC, find our collections, and research tips.

How to Use This Guide

The scope of this guide is largely limited to 20th and 21st century regional and Oregon-related politics, policies, politicians, and special interest groups. While national policies, political and social issues, and politicians appear within SCARC's holdings, they fall outside the scope of this LibGuide. Visit some of SCARC's other research guides for in-depth information about some of these national issues, like the Nuclear History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center LibGuide, the War in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center LibGuide, the Oregon Multicultural Archives LibGuide, the OSU Disability Archives LibGuide, the OSU Queer Archives LibGuide, the Japanese-American Association of Lane County, Oregon, Oral History Collection LibGuide, and the OSU Women's History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center LibGuide, among others. 

Collections listed in this guide are identified by title, and are described in a brief statement on the relevant contents of the collection. Relevant subjects, topics, and/or keywords have been bolded, and box and folder information has been included as appropriate. Links to SCARC finding aids are also included.

All collections listed in this guide are open for research. Please note that some of the collections selected are not yet fully processed, arranged, or described; in other words, a comprehensive description of the collection's content may not yet exist. Some of these collections are described in what SCARC refers to as a "preliminary container lists" these lists can be found by expanding the "Other Reference Guides" section on the left in the finding aids / collection guides for those collections.

This guide describes physical collections located in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center. Digitized materials can be located by searching Oregon Digital, Scholar's Archive, or Media Space; where appropriate, "canned searches" and/or links to specific collection material on these sites have been provided.

Where more substantial information can be found on a subject outside of SCARC, information is provided about the location. Where applicable, a link is also provided. For instance, the Forests and Families Protection Act of 1991 (H.R. 2463) is mentioned throughout several SCARC collections, but more substantial information about the resolution can be found with the Library of Congress.

This guide was designed and authored by Carlee Baker, graduate student in the School of Writing, Literature and Film at Oregon State University (2022).

SCARC Services

In order to provide more efficient and effective service, the Special Collections and Archives Research Center (SCARC) is offering on-site access to our collections by-appointment. Advance notice of your visit and research interests allows us to better assist you in identifying materials relevant to your research, and provide more efficient service during your on-site visit. A by-appointment model also allows us to limit Reading Room disruptions, and focus on you and on your research needs.

We will continue to respond to general and reference questions remotely via our department email, There is a wealth of online content in Oregon Digital, on the SCARC website, in ScholarsArchive@OSU, in SCARC LibGuides, and on OSU MediaSpace, and public services staff are available to assist you in navigating and searching these sites. In some cases, by working closely with our archivists and librarians, and identifying a limited amount of specific materials, we may be able to support your research remotely through digitization. 

Please see our Guide to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center for more information about our by-appointment model, and other services.

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Staff of the library’s Special Collections and Archives Research Center are available for virtual reference consultations. Please email us at if you have questions or would like to set up an appointment.