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Regional Politics and Policies in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Measure 6 (1986)

Measure 6 was introduced in 1986 and, if passed, would have prohibitedThe language of, proponents for, and opponents against ballot measure 6 as it appears in the Marion County Voter's Guide the use of state funds for abortions, except to prevent the death of the mother. The language of the Measure read, 

"6. Constitutional Amendment Prohibits State Funding Abortions. Exception: Prevent Mother's Death

Question - Shall Oregon Constitution be amended to prohibit using state monies to fund abortions except to prevent death of mother?

Explanation - The measure would amend the Oregon Constitution by adding to Article IX the following new section.

Section 9: State monies must not be used to fund abortions, except to prevent the death of the mother"

The measure received 580,163 "No" votes, and 477,920 "Yes" votes, defeating the measure 54.83% to 45.17%. 

Archival Materials

The Special Collections and Archives Research Center holds few collections that make mention of Measure 6 within their contents. The Lavender Network Newsmagazine makes mention of efforts to defeat Measure 6. 

In addition, the Oregon Secretary of State holds the 1986 Marion County Voter's Guide, which includes the Measure 6 text in full, an estimate of financial effect, an explanation of the measure, and arguments both in favor of and against the measure.