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Oregon State University History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

From the collections of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Digitized Collections

Manuscript Collections and Record Groups

Rose Bowl Football Game Scrapbooks, 1940-1942 (MSS RoseBowl)
The Rose Bowl Football Game Scrapbooks consist of two scrapbooks and ephemera pertaining to the 1942 Rose Bowl football game between Oregon State College and Duke University. The scrapbooks consist predominantly of newspaper clippings from newspapers in Oregon, North Carolina, and locales that the team passed through on their train trip to and from Durham, North Carolina (Box 01)

George Edmonston, Jr. Collection, 1907-2011 (MSS Edmonston)
The George Edmonston, Jr. Collection primarily consists of materials collected and generated by Edmonston over the course of his nineteen years (1986-2005) as editor of the Oregon Stater alumni magazine, during which time he wrote dozens of articles on the history of the university. The collection includes original and reproduced photographs and other primary sources used by Edmonston in his research and writing on OSU and the Willamette Valley. Materials relating to football at Oregon State can be found in Box 1 (Folders 17, 24, 26), Box 2 (Folders 8, 20, 21, 24-30), Box 3 (Folder 6), Box 4 (Folders 7-8), and Box 5 (Folder 1).

Ted Mesang Collection, 1925-1968 (MSS Mesang)
The Ted Mesang Collection consists mainly of materials related to Mesang's career as a music instructor and band director at Oregon State University (OSU) from 1949 to 1967. The materials also include newspaper clippings, congratulatory correspondence and performance programs related to the Oregon State University Marching Band's participation in the 1957 and 1965 Rose Bowl parade and football games (Box 01, Folders 35 and 36)

Chuck Boice Papers, 1912-2010 (MSS Boice)
The Chuck Boice Papers document Boice's journalism career, family life, and military service and include materials assembled and created by Boice pertaining to Oregon State University athletics and alumni. The collection includes correspondence, greeting cards, military records, newspaper clippings, notes, a plaque, photograph albums, photographs, poetry, publications, sound recordings, artifacts, and manuscripts of columns and articles written by Boice for the Oregon Stater alumni magazine after his retirement. Most of the manuscripts pertain to OSU athletics; Boice's articles about the 100th anniversary of intercollegiate football, celebrated in 1993, and the 50th anniversary of the 1942 Rose Bowl game are also included. Box 1 contains subject files regarding the 1915 football team and Herman Abraham; Box 4 contains three footballs and a press tag; and Box 7 contains research files on the 100th anniversary of intercollegiate football.

Oregon State College - New York University Football Game Scrapbooks, 1928 (MSS OSCNYUFootball)
Oregon State College - New York University Football Game Scrapbook documents the historic football game played at Yankee Stadium. The two volumes contain news clippings of events pertaining to the November 29, 1928, football game between 
Oregon State College and New York University in Yankee Stadium (Box 01)

Bill Tomsheck Scrapbook, 1926-2003 (MSS Tomsheck)
Assembled by alumnus Bill Tomsheck, this scrapbook documents Tomsheck's experience as a student at Oregon State College (Acc. 2002:010, Box 01). Primarily pertaining to his participation in the legendary 1933 football team, the scrapbook includes correspondence, game programs and schedules, greeting cards, newspaper clippings, and photographs. An addition to the Tomsheck Scrapbook Collection (Accession 2006:015) includes photographs, informational materials, newspaper clippings, panels from an exhibit about Tomsheck and the "Ironmen" team, notes, a scrapbook, and a decal for Bell Field. 

Ade Schwammel Collection, 1931-2005 (MSS Schwammel)
Ade Schwammel was an Oregon State College student and football player from 1930-1934 and was chosen as an All-American at tackle for the 1933 season. His papers are entirely comprised of materials - photographs, newsclippings, artifacts, and ephemera - pertaining to Oregon State College football, primarily the 1933 team, also known as the "Ironmen."

*Norman C. Franklin Collection, 1932-1973 (MSS FranklinN)
This single-box collection includes correspondence, dance cards, newspaper clippings, photographs, and a scrapbook. Assembled by Franklin, the scrapbook is primarily made up of newspaper clippings that document Franklin's involvement on the legendary "Ironmen" football team of 1933 as well as the other members of that team. The photographs and loose clippings also relate to Franklin's experience as a football player. There are also obituaries for Franklin and images of his gravesite included among the clippings and images. 

Frederick V. Betts Scrapbook, 1926-1964 (MSS Betts)
The Frederick V. Betts Scrapbook consists of photographs and ephemera created and assembled by Betts during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College in 1926-1928. The scrapbook includes photographs of campus buildings, snow on campus, a flood in downtown Corvallis, and recreation on the Willamette and Mary's Rivers. Student outings; campus events such as homecoming; various athletic events, including football (Box 01), track, and rowing; and military cadets are also depicted.

*Ralph O. Coleman Papers, 1910-1991 (MSS Coleman)

The Coleman Papers consist of materials generated and collected by alumnus and baseball coach Ralph O. Coleman that reflect his career with OSU athletics, his military training and service, honors that he received, and his work for the U.S. Army leading baseball and basketball coaching clinics in Europe and Japan. Photographs in the collection primarily pertain to baseball, but also include images pertaining to basketball, cross country and track, football, hockey, and wrestling. Football-related photographs can be found in Box 1.

*Don Coons Papers, 1932-1983 (MSS Coons)
The Don Coons Papers consist of materials collected by alumnus Don Coons that pertain to his experience at Oregon State College as a student and athlete. The collection is primarily made up of newspaper clippings, and also includes two letters, a banquet program for a visit by the Columbia University football team to Portland, an alumni reunion list, an OSC songbook and a photograph of the 1935 freshman football team (Acc. 2005:091, Box 01). The letters relate to Coons' nomination as "Outstanding Football Player of the Pacific Coast" and holiday greetings from then Oregon Secretary of State Earl Snell.

Dick Corrick Football Scrapbook and Programs, 1954-1956 (MSS Corrick)
The Dick Corrick 
Football Scrapbook and Programs consist of an oversized scrapbook and a set of official game programs that primarily document the Oregon State College Beavers' 1956 football season (Box 01). Corrick as a co-captain on that team, which won the Pacific Coast Conference championship and participated in the Rose Bowl football game on New Year's Day, 1957.

A. Freeman Mason Scrapbook, 1910-1922 (MSS Freeman)
The A. Freeman Mason Scrapbook was assembled by Mason as a record of his student years at Oregon Agricultural College from 1910 to 1914. The scrapbook includes photographs; dance cards, ticket stubs, and other ephemera; programs; clippings; and correspondence. The photographs include many images of students (individuals and groups) and student activities; athletes and athletic events, including football (Boxes 01 and 02), baseball, track and wrestling; women's sports; campus buildings, including the construction of Langton Hall; military cadets; a May Day pageant; students on outings, playing in the snow, and canoeing; and a military parade in downtown Corvallis.

Daniel P. and Doris Dow Murphy Papers, 1937-1966 (MSS Murphy)
The Murphy Papers consist of a scrapbook, photographs, ephemera, and publications assembled by Daniel P. Murphy and Doris A. Dow during their student years at Oregon State College. The scrapbook was assembled by Doris A. Dow and includes clippings, ephemera, programs and notices, dance cards, and grade reports and other student records for Dow. It covers the period 1939-1942. Thirty-eight of the photographs in the collection depict students on campus; athletic events, including football and baseball; the marching band, and rally squad and beaver mascot being pulled on a car (Box 02). The ephemera and publications include a 1966 football game program (Oregon State vs Northwestern), and two stubs for the 1957 Rose Bowl game (Box 01).

Edwin T. Reed Papers, 1886-1948 (MSS Reed)
The Reed Papers consist of notes, publications and speeches, correspondence, photographs, and other materials pertaining to Edwin T. Reed's work as college editor, to OSU history, and to William Jasper Kerr. Images relating to Oregon State University football can be found in Box 9 (Folder 1).

Jayne Walters Scrapbook, 1934-1940 (MSS Walters)
The Jayne Walters Scrapbook consists of materials assembled by Walters during her student years at Oregon State College in the late 1930s. The scrapbook, and loose materials that are housed separately, include clippings, publications, ephemera, correspondence, and a few photographs. Of special note is a media guide for the 1937 Oregon State College football team (Boxes 01 and 02).

Alumni Association Records, 1888-2001 (RG 053)
The Alumni Association Records document the alumni of Oregon State University and the Association's administration and activities, and publications. The collection includes the records of individual graduating classes documenting activities during their student years as well as reunions and other special events after graduation. Subject files pertaining to notable alumni; faculty, staff, and friends of OSU; special events; and other university-related topics comprise a large component of the collection. The records of special events such as homecoming, class reunions, and the centennial of Oregon State University as well as fundraising for special projects such as a new football stadium and the carillon for the Memorial Union are included in the records. Records pertaining to Oregon State football can be found in Series 8 (Box 4, Folder 12) and Series 14 (Box 6).

*University Advancement Records, 1970-2012 (RG 210)
The University Advancement Records contain materials that document special events held for OSU alumni, faculty and staff, students and others, as well as materials relating to the Office of Finance and Administration and the OSU Web Pages Committee. Also included in this collection are materials generated by the Office of University Marketing which pertain to the testing and evaluation of a new Beaver logo for use by OSU Athletics. Football stadium and program subject files can be found in Accession 1995:020, Accession 2003:099 (Box 2), Accession 2005:014 (Box 1), and Accession 2006:019 (Box 1).

College of Liberal Arts Records, 1945-2008 (RG 143)
The College of Liberal Arts Records consist of records of the Dean's Office and of several departments in the college, including the Anthropology, Art, Economics, English, History, and Sociology Departments. Subgroup 5, Sociology Department, 1976-2008, includes a course reading packet for SOC 499/599, Gender and Sexuality in Popular Culture taught by Dwaine Plaza and Kathleen Stanley in June 2008. This packet includes a research study on college football by Plaza and Stanley using football team photographs (Box 3, folder 4).

Office of Admissions Records, 1961-2009 (RG 163)
The Office of Admissions Records document the recruitment and orientation of new students, primarily undergraduates, to Oregon State University. The records include reports, admissions data, correspondence, publications, and committee records. The Office of Admissions was established in 1960. Box 5 includes color photographs that were used for recruiting purposes; images of baseball, men's and women's basketball, football, gymnastics, and rowing (crew) athletes and events are included.

Photograph Collections

Football Photograph Collection, 1894-2000 (P 004)
The Football Photograph Collection consists of action shots of Oregon State football players during practices and games as well as portraits and posed photographs of teams and individual athletes. Also depicted are coaches, equipment and training staff, and athletic facilities such as Bell Field and Parker Stadium. Oregon State University began intercollegiate competition in football in 1893. A significant portion of this collection has been digitized and made available online.

Harold Troxel Vedder Photograph Collection, 1913-1916 (P 190)
The Harold Troxel Vedder Photograph Collection consists of images assembled by Vedder during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC). The photographs depict campus views and buildings; athletic teams and events, especially football (Box 01); military training; and student activities. Vedder attended OAC in 1913-1915 as a student of mechanic arts. This collection has been digitized and made available online.

Marshall S. Wright Photograph Album, 1915-1928 (P 276)
The Marshall S. Wright Photograph Album was assembled by Wright during his freshman year at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) in 1915-1916. It consists of postcard prints and snapshots depicting campus buildings and views, student activities, football games (Box 01), and the Willamette River. Many of the photos in the album are of the 1915 football team, players, and games. Several of the images depict the team's departure for a game against Michigan Agricultural College and the celebration in Corvallis when the team returned from Michigan after the OAC victory. The celebration included a parade in downtown Corvallis. The album includes programs for the 1915 Michigan Agricultural College team, the OAC vs University of Oregon football game in 1915, and the OAC vs Syracuse University football game played at Multnomah Stadium in Portland in 1915.

*Larry Kirkland Photographs, 1969 (P 125)
The Larry Kirkland Photographs consist of images generally related to school spirit, athletic events and student social life. Included are series of images of the OSU cheer squads and marching band, Homecoming activities, parades and football games (Box 01). The collection also includes photos of a campus water fight and a human-powered "chariot race."

*David Little Photographs, 1905 (P 126)
The David Little Photographs depict the students and activities of OAC in 1905, with an emphasis on ROTC and athletics. The collection includes several group portraits, some of which include Little himself. Images relating to football can be found in Box 01. This collection has been digitized and made available online.

*G. Herbert Root Photograph Collection, ca. 1891 - 1936 (P 127)
The collection consists of photos acquired by G. Herbert Root, who attended OAC in the early 1900s. The photos are primarily of students, athletes (football, men and women's basketball, track) and faculty members, taken between 1902 and 1908. Football-related images can be found in Box 01. This collection has been digitized and is available online.

Joe O. Mattson Photograph Collection, 1923-1924 (P 145)
The Joe O. Mattson Photograph Collection consists of images taken and assembled by Mattson that document student life at Oregon Agricultural College in the mid-1920s. Mattson attended Oregon Agricultural College from the fall of 1923 through the fall of 1925. Images pertaining to football can be found in Box 01, Folder 01. This collection has been digitized and made available online.

M. B. Spillard Photograph Collection, circa 1910-1916 (P 163)
The M.B. Spillard Photograph Collection consists of photographic postcards of Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) buildings and campus views. The collection also includes images of a football game between OAC and the University of Oregon and a freshman football team (Box 01). This collection has been digitized and is available online.

James G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection, 1909-1915 (P 191)
The James G. Arbuthnot Photograph Collection contains images produced or collected by Arbuthnot during his time at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC). These images document Arbuthnot's life and activities in and near Corvallis as well as OAC's athletic teams and sporting events. Arbuthnot was Athletic Director from 1906 to 1918 and the coach of the OAC wrestling team in 1911-1917 and 1920. Images relating to football can be found in Box 01, Folder 01. The entirety of this collection has been digitized and is available online.

W. Lester Powell Photograph Collection, 1913-1956 (P 192)
The W. Lester Powell Photograph Collection consists of images taken and assembled by Powell, primarily during his student years at Oregon Agricultural College in the mid 1910s. The photographs depict campus activities, including pageants; athletics, especially football (Box 01, Folders 01 and 03); and forestry students and faculty in forest campus and on forestry trips. 

Charles Leon Robinson Photograph Album, 1912-1916 (P 215)
The Charles Leon Robinson Photograph Album was assembled by Robinson and documents his student years at Oregon Agricultural College. The album includes 212 photographs and several ephemeral items. A variety of athletic events and recreational sports are depicted in the album, including football (Box 01), basketball (men's and women's), wrestling, tennis, track and field, canoeing, and baseball. 

John W. Trigg Photograph Album, 1915-1918 (P 227)
The John W. Trigg Photograph Album was assembled by Trigg during the 1915-1916 academic year and includes images of campus views and building, athletics, student activities, and military cadets. Photographs of football games, players, and a football coach (Box 01); the basketball team; and several track and field events, including shot put, javelin, and pole vault, are part of the album. 

Fred Deininger Luse Photograph Album, 1908-1910 (P 228)
The Fred Deininger Luse Photograph Album consists of photographic prints, primarily photographic postcards, collected and assembled by Fred D. Luse, that document campus buildings and grounds and student activities during Luse's years at Oregon Agricultural College. ​Athletic teams and events are depicted in the album and include football (Box 01), baseball, and track. Several of the photographs in the album are available online in Oregon Digital.

James A. Sewell Photograph Album, circa 1902-1904 (P 259)
The James A. Sewell Photograph Album consists of a photograph album assembled by James A. Sewell and is made up of photographs taken at Oregon Agricultural College in about 1902 to 1904. In addition to portrait and group shots of football team players, these photographs document a football game on the OAC campus (Box 01), cadet formations on campus, the women’s basketball team, track and field events, and a student trip to the Oregon Coast. The album also includes photographs of the exterior and interior views of campus buildings, men’s and women’s physical education classes, and of the band.

John L. Robbins Photographs, 1966-1972 (P 295)
The John L. Robbins Photographs consist of photographs taken by Robbins during his student years at Oregon State University in the late 1960s and early 1970s documenting numerous campus events, student activities, and campus views and scenes. Some of the images were published in the 1970 and 1971 Beaver yearbooks. The images depict athletic events; concerts, comedy shows, and theatrical performances; oceanographic research; lectures and speeches by visiting public figures and politicians, including a speech by civil rights activist Julian Bond; campus events; carnival rides at night; classrooms; and campus views. The collection includes photographs of football and basketball games as well as track and field meets and wrestling, soccer, rugby, volleyball, baseball, gymnastics, and crew athletes and events.

Claud L. Booth Photograph Album, 1919-1973 (P 300)
The Claud L. Booth Photograph Album was assembled by Booth to document his student years at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC), primarily from 1919 to 1924. The images depict student activities, sports teams and events, athletes, and coaches. Several photographs of the rook-sophomore tug-of-war are part of the album as well as an image of yell leaders and the band marching in downtown Corvallis. About half of the album's images depict sports at Oregon Agricultural College and include photographs of individual athletes and coaches, teams, and athletic events. Images for baseball, basketball, football (Box 01), soccer, track, and wrestling are included, with baseball and basketball comprising the majority. 

Roy M. Cooley Photograph Album, 1907-1911 (P 302)
The Roy M. Cooley Photograph Album consists of photographic postcards and snapshots assembled by Cooley documenting his student years at Oregon Agricultural College. The images include photographs of Cooley with his fellow students in the Chintimini Club; athletics; student activities; and campus views. Several images of Cooley and other male students in their dormitory room, smoking pipes, playing cards, and participating in hazing activities are included in the album; some of these images were probably taken in Cauthorn Hall, the men's dormitory (now Fairbanks Hall). The athletics photographs depict baseball, basketball, football (Box 01), track, and wrestling athletes, teams, and events. 

Moving Image Collections

*Oregon State University Historical Motion Picture Films, 1921-1969 (FV 048)
The Oregon State University Historical Motion Picture Films consist of promotional films produced by Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) in the 1920s and 1930s as well as several centennial productions made by Oregon State University in the late 1960s.  Athletic events including football, polo, and baseball as well as women's sports and physical training are included in the footage. The majority of the football-related films are found in Box 1.

*Oregon State University Bands Motion Picture Films and Videotapes, 1968-1991 (FV 104)
The Oregon State University Bands Motion Picture Films and Videotapes include recordings of OSU Marching Band shows from the early 1970s through late 1980s. The Oregon State University Bands Motion Picture Films and Videotapes consist of recordings of OSU Marching Band shows at OSU football games and a 1979 Oakland Raider football game (Box 01) as well as a 1991 interview with James Douglass about the elimination of the marching band (Box 01). Several items from this collection have been migrated to digital format and are available online.

History of Oregon State University Oral Histories and Sound Recordings, 1956-2012 (OH 003)
The History of Oregon State University Oral Histories and Sound Recordings consist predominantly of oral histories conducted in 1956 by Lillian Van Loan for her doctoral dissertation on the history of Oregon State College and subsequent interviews done by Ilona Fry in 1980 on the development of liberal arts at Oregon State University. Interviewees include Charles Vladis Ruzek, who discusses the 1942 Rose Bowl and the 1941 Varstiy football team (Box 1, Folder 9); and a transcript for a video entitled, This is OSU, which includes a discussion of the 1962 football team (Box 1, Folder 20).