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Oregon State University History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

From the collections of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Official Records of Colleges and Departments

College of Agricultural Sciences

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

College of Education

College of Engineering

College of Forestry

College of Liberal Arts

College of Pharmacy

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

College of Science
Bioresource Engineering Department Photograph Collection, 1925-1982 | P 106
Bioresource Engineering Department Records, 1924-2004 | RG 001
Botany and Plant Pathology Department Photograph Collection, 1900-1982 | P 075
Botany and Plant Pathology Department Records, 1900-2005 | RG 054
Center for Gene Research and Biotechnology Records, 1989-2007 | RG 216
Center for Water and Environmental Sustainability Records, 1990-2008 | RG 226
Chemical Engineering Department Records, 1930-1966 | RG 153
Chemistry Department Motion Picture Films, 1958-1959 | FV 205
Chemistry Department Records, 1937-1997 | RG 098
Computer Science Department Photographs, 1972-1998 | P 240
Computer Science Department Publications and Newspaper Clippings, 1972-1996 | RG 214
Entomology Department Photograph Collection, 1912-2002 | P 055
Entomology Department Records, 1887-2003 | RG 027
Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Department Faculty Research Publications, 1973-2010 | RG 255
Environmental Health Sciences Center Records, 1964-1996 | RG 155
Environmental Remote Sensing Applications Laboratory Records, 1970-1988 | RG 218
Microbiology Department Motion Picture Films, 1969-1970 | FV 117
Microbiology Department Photographs, 1898-1996 | P 117
Microbiology Department Records, 1893-2002 | RG 191
Department of Physics Records, 1909-1974 | RG 037
Physics Department Photographs, 1930-1962 | P 078
Radiation Center Records, 1953-2008 | RG 202
Statistics Department Records, 1968-1989 | RG 152
Zoology Department Records, 1895-1997 | RG 074

College of Veterinary Medicine

College and School Histories

Presented below are links to OSU college, school and department histories that are hosted by campus sources outside of the Special Collections and Archives Research Center, as well as a few other noteworthy resources for those interested in the history of the university.

College and School History Websites:

Additional Resources


  • OSU History and Traditions and A Few Famous Beavers, presented by the OSU Alumni Association

  • Digitized College and Department History Typescripts and Booklets: This Oregon Digital set contains dozens of typescripts and booklets documenting the individual histories of a wide variety of colleges, schools, departments and programs at Oregon State University. The vast majority of these records were authored to mark two specific occasions: the OSU centennial in 1968 and the 125th anniversary of the founding of Corvallis in 1982.

  • Historic resources held in ScholarsArchive@OSU, the university's institutional repository.