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Creating a Stand Alone Bibliography

  1. You do not need to create a bibliography based on in-text citations.  Instead you can create a bibliography based on a particular collection or just a few references.  First, select the resources you want to include in your bibliography.  This is easiest if you create a collection and add everything you want to include to that collection.  If you want to include everything that is in your My Library, that will work as well.

Highlight the list (click on an item to highlight it, shift-click to highlight the whole list).

Zotero screenshot, list of resources highlighted

2. Right click on your selections (command-click on a mac) and you will get a list of options.  Choose Create Bibliography from Selected Items.

Screenshot of the zotero window with a list of selections highlighted and the right-click menu displayed

3. Choose the citation style you want and choose "copy to clipboard."

Screenshot of the zotero bibliography options menu with MLA style selected.

4. Paste your bibliography into a document (Microsoft Word or similar) and save it. 

Screenshot of a microsoft word document displaying a Zotero bibliography