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Adding More Citation Style Choices

1. To add more citation styles to the basic 16 styles that come pre-loaded with Zotero, either go directly to the Zotero style repository or on a PC, use the Edit menu and select Preferences (on a Mac click Zotero in the Zotero toolbar to access the Preferences menu):

Access to the Preferences via the Edit menu on a PC

2. Next, choose the “Cite” tab.  Within the Cite tab, choose the “styles” tab.

Cite and styles tabs

3. The primary way to get more styles is to click on the “get additional styles” link.  This link opens a website listing the thousands of styles Zotero has available.

More styles

4.  You can now search for the style you like in a variety of ways – by directly searching for the name of a style you want; by searching for the format the style is written in, for example, author-date format; or by disciplinary field.

Search the style repository

5. Before installing the style you choose, you can double check to see if this is the style you had in mind by hovering over the title to see examples of books, articles and more cited in this style.

Preview styles

6.  To install a style, simply click the link for the name of the style.**

Install style

7. Open up a Word document and choose “Document Preferences.” You will now see that this style is available for you to write with.

Set doc prefs list

8.  To learn more about finding styles, particularly when the title of the style you want is not in the list, visit the “Hard-to-find citation styles” module.