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Adding Hard-to-Find Citation Styles

1.  First, if you can’t find the exact citation style you are looking for in Zotero’s Style Repository using the basic search box functionality, try looking at similar styles in your field or in a related field, by using the “fields” and “format” limiting facets.

Fields and facets

2.  Using these facets will show you the styles available in your field, and you may find that there is a match to your style that simply goes by another name. 

Narrow by facets

3.  Hover over the style title to see examples of what the citation style looks like: 

Hover over style

4.  A second method for finding a matching style is to search in the Zotero forums for your style. 

zotero forums

5.  Here you can see if anyone else has requested that your style be developed, or occasionally you will find that your style has been developed and posted to the forum.

Download style

6.  A third method is to upload a style yourself.  If you or someone you know is able to do some coding using XML, you can follow the directions Zotero provides for creating styles in the Citation Style Language.  Then you can upload the style you have created to your styles list via the Cite tab in the Zotero Preferences.

Style editing tools in Zotero preferences