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Use Your Zotero Library from Multiple Computers

1.  Zotero is able to sync your library across multiple computers because they are storing your data on their servers.  If you have not read the sections on Zotero storage options already, you can learn more on the Zotero Local Data page, the Zotero Cloud Storage page, and the Free Zotero Storage for OSU users page.

2. Now that you have a Zotero account set up, you can access your Zotero data from more than one computer, as long as the other computer has Zotero installed. To sync your Zotero account, on a PC use the Edit menu and select Preferences (on a Mac click Zotero in the Zotero toolbar to access the Preferences menu):

Preferences options via the Edit menu

3.  Go to the sync tab and enter the username and password for your account.

Username and password

4.  Click “ok” and Zotero will start to sync your library with its servers.  You can also click the green arrow in the upper right hand corner of the Zotero toolbar to manually begin the syncing process.

Auto sync