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Tips for Making Zotero Work with Word 2016 for Mac

My recommendations come from this forum post, so feel free to just refer to this post (or use it in addition to my suggested steps below):

1. Reinstall Zotero. First make sure you have entirely closed Word and Zotero. Use the download instructions to re-install your Zotero library.

2. Open up Word and see if the Zotero icons are there. If not, from within Word, see if the file is in your Word startup folder. If it’s not there, search for that file (it may be in your Office 2011 start up folder), and once you find it, move it to the 2016 start up folder – then Zotero and Word will know where to look for it. Re-start Word.  – Here are the step-by-step directions if you haven’t played around with finding support files before:

1- Open Word
2 - Click on "Word" in bold next to Apple in the Mac applications menu (
3- Select Preferences in the drop-down options
4- Click on File locations under Personal settings
5- Click on "Start up" at the bottom of the list
6- Click "modify'" and select ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9[where UBF8T346G9 is a random string that will be different on your computer and should already exist] .Office/User Content/Startup/Word