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Citing in Google Docs with Zotero

Use Zotero to insert in-text citations in Google Docs.

If you already have Zotero installed on your computer, the Zotero citation tool should automatically appear in your Google Docs menu. The first time you click the Zotero citation tools in Google Docs, you will be prompted to authenticate the tool.

You should now have access to the same kinds of editing tools as the Word-based version of the Zotero citation tool:

To quickly add an in-text citation, click the Z icon on the formatting tool bar.

Tips - The most current version of Zotero must be installed and running for the Zotero Google Docs citation tool to work.

Refer to the Zotero documentation to learn more about using Zotero with Google Docs. And remember, you can always create Stand Alone Bibliographies and paste them into Google Docs if you experience sustained problems using the Zotero Google Docs citation tool.