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Adding Sources from 1Search (aka - Primo) to Zotero

The most recent version of 1Search is not fully compatible with Zotero. The Zotero browser connector is not always able to "see" all of the citation information in the search results - especially for books and some articles. However, you can still use Zotero and 1Search together. Use the following directions to make 1Search and Zotero work together for you.

Pin Sources to a List and Export to RIS

1. Begin by entering your search terms in 1Search. Next, choose the sources you are interested in and pin them to your Favorites list using the pin icon to the right of the source's title. You may pin multiple sources.

2. Once you have pinned all the sources you want to your Favorites list, open up your pinned list by selecting the pin icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

3. Once you can see your list of sources, use the check box to select all of your pinned sources at once.

4. Once all your sources are selected, click on the three dots icon (...) at the top of your My Favorites list.

5. Select the Export RIS button.

6. Then click the Download link.

7. Depending on your browser, the file will download to different locations. For example, Firefox (shown in this example) prompts you with a dialog box and then downloads typically can be found by clicking the download arrow in the top right of the browser screen. Chrome typically places downloads in the lower left corner of the screen. In either case, save the file once you have located it from your downloads.

8. Once you say okay, your Zotero library will automatically open, and you will be prompted to Import the File. Either leave the box checked to create a new Zotero folder with these sources in it, or uncheck the box and the sources will save to whatever Zotero folder you have currently selected.