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Local History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Finding Manuscript and Archival Collections in SCARC

A screenshot of the SCARC search box.

You can use the search box on SCARC's main page to search all our accessible collections - we have over 1,300! The following search tips can help you to narrow and pinpoint your results.

Default Behaviors: The search engine looks for records containing every term you submit. So, for example, running a search for World War II without quotation marks will return every collection with world and war somewhere in the collection guide.

Search By Phrase: Use double quotes around your search query when looking for a specific phrase / group of words or name (e.g "Festival of Contemporary Arts," "African American women," "Eddie Haskell").

Narrow Your Search Results: Use a minus sign before a term you want to omit from your results (e.g. 'bass -fish' finds bass guitars but not bass fishing). You can also browse by collection titlesubjectname, or classification/format.