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Local History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Finding Manuscript and Archival Collections in SCARC

You can use the search box on SCARC's main page to search all our accessible collections - we have over 1,300! The following search tips can help you to narrow and pinpoint your results.

Default Behaviors: The search engine looks for records containing every term you submit. So, for example, running a search for World War II without quotation marks will return every collection with world and war somewhere in the collection guide.

Search By Phrase: Use double quotes around your search query when looking for a specific phrase / group of words or name (e.g "Festival of Contemporary Arts," "African American women," "Eddie Haskell").

Narrow Your Search Results: Use a minus sign before a term you want to omit from your results (e.g. 'bass -fish' finds bass guitars but not bass fishing). You can also browse by collection titlesubjectname, or classification/format.