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Local History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Historical Sketch

A photograph of two men at a mill in Blodgett. Situated where Oregon Route 180 meets U.S. Route 20, and near the confluence of the Tum Tum and Marys Rivers, a post office was established at present-day Blodgett in April 1888. Originally drawing its name for a family that lived in the area, Emrick, the town was later renamed Blodgett for settler William Blodgett.

The Blodgett Cemetery was established on William Blodgett's donation land claim sometime in the 1870s - the oldest gravestone dates to 1876 - but the first burial was likely Blodgett's five year old daughter Maria in 1862.


James A. Blodgett Photographs and Ephemera, 1937-1938
The Blodgett Photographs and Ephemera consist of photographs taken by James A. Blodgett during his student years at Oregon State College and two ephemeral items from the 1938 Military Ball. The images depict farm crops field trips throughout Oregon, ROTC summer camp in Washington, and Oregon State campus views. Blodgett graduated from Oregon State College in 1939. Though the photographs in this collection document James' student experience at Oregon State College, and include no views of Blodgett or the surrounding area, James Blodgett is the great grandson of Blodgett's founder, William Blodgett.


Ralph VanCleave Photographic Collection, circa 1860-1949
The Ralph VanCleave Photographic Collection contains images of the Horning Carding Mill and F.A. Horning residence, and includes written histories of both subjects. Also held within the collection are images, taken in the 1940s, of public schools from all around the Willamette Valley. One such image is of the Blodgett School (image #29, Box 01). An image from this collection is available online in Oregon Digital.

Robert W. Henderson Photographic Slides Collection, 1936-1998
The Robert W. Henderson Photographic Slides provide visual documentation of Oregon State University and the state of Oregon from, in bulk, the mid-1950s to the late 1990s. Consisting of nearly 16,000 unique 35-mm color slides, all of which are described individually, the collection depicts a wide range of university activities, particularly as concerns agricultural research and the development of agricultural practices at OSU's county Extension offices and regional Experiment Stations. Robert Henderson (1914-2006) was an OSU alum and photography enthusiast who worked as a faculty member in Farm Crops and the Agricultural Experiment Station for thirty years. The collection contains 2 images of Blodgett and the surrounding area: image #11213 (Meadowland along highway near Blodgett, July 1973) and image #02737 (Marys Peak from Blodgett School, April 1958). The Henderson Slides are being digitized for online access in Oregon Digital.

Digital Resources

Looking for online content? Oregon Digital, ScholarsArchive, and Media Space contain a wealth of digitized materials that document the rich history of Oregon's residential communities. Often, digitized materials are gathered together as sets, either by publication or collection. Please note that links listed below are "canned searches" for specific content relating to the city, town, or community in question.