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Zotero Bookmarklet

This module will demonstrate how to add items to your Zotero library on a mobile device, such as an iPad or iPhone, using the Zotero Bookmarklet tool.  View the step-by-step screenshots below to learn how to add install and use the Zotero Bookmarklet.

1.  Go to the Zotero Bookmarklet site.


2. Save the bookmarklet to your device's bookmarks.

Bookmarking the bookmarklet

3.  After you have saved the bookmarklet (you can choose to rename the bookmark), return to the Zotero bookmarklet page and copy the code provided (see below).

Code copying

4. Return to the list of bookmarks on your device and choose edit.

Edit bookmarks

5.  Paste the code that you copied earlier into the URL space.

Paste code

6.  Next, open up the web version of your Zotero library in another tab (make sure to login to your account).  Then do a database (or catalog, etc...) search in another tab.  Finally, click on the Zotero bookmarklet bookmark to select sources from your database search to add to your Zotero library.

Adding sources to a Zotero library

7.  Select the sources you would like to add to your Zotero library.

Select sources

8.  The sources from your search will be saved in your main My Library collection.  To move them to another collection, first click on the "date modified" header to sort the items by date added or modified.

Sources in My Library

9.  Next, select the items that you would like to move to a different collection.  Then click on the add to a collection button to copy these items to a new collection.

Add to a new collection

10.  From here, you can look at the metadata for any of the items you have placed in your collection, as well as open PDFs if any were available for saving.

Note:  The Zotero bookmarklet can be added to other browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc...) and can be used from Chrome Books or from a desktop computer as well.