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Find Full-Text Articles

1. Find the full-text for an item using the locate arrow.  Clicking this arrow shows you options for finding the item in easiest to hardest order.

Find it

2.  Note:  If you are an OSU faculty member, staff or student, to make the “library look up” option connect to the OSU Libraries to quickly get you free access to articles for which you may not have already downloaded a PDF copy, follow these steps:

3. On a PC, use the Tools menu and select options (on a Mac click Zotero in the Zotero toolbar to access the Preferences menu):

4. Next, choose the "Advanced" tab. (Make sure you are on the "General" tab within Advanced.) And paste this url into the "Resolver" box with the OpenURL section:

Then click OK (or just exit the window if on a Mac). Once you have set this up, you can click the Library Lookup button on any citation you're viewing to search for the item online through the OSU Libraries (and request it through interlibrary loan if we don't have it).