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Using 1Search and Zotero together

While it is possible to add sources to your Zotero collection from 1Search, the data provided by 1Search is sometimes incomplete. If you download sources directly from 1Search you will sometimes need to spend some time cleaning up your data. For example, you may need to -

  • transpose the authors' first and last names
  • sometimes add in full first names
  • double check publication dates
  • add the complete call number

Below are directions for transposing authors' first and last names should you run into this problem:


Adding Books from 1Search

To add books to your Zotero collection, you can use the Zotero icons in the URL bar:

However, you will need to reverse the author(s) name - remember, the last name should be first.

To avoid that problem, use a database with better data to add sources to your Zotero collection. Good databases for finding books include Worldcat, Google Books, and Amazon. Here is the same book, that was added using Worldcat: