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Botany, Gardening, and Horticulture in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Rare Books

The Rare Book Collections in SCARC hold a number of herbals, which were guides to plants and their properties during the 15th-18th centuries. Later, the term was used by followers of the botanical medicine movement, and SCARC has multiple examples of this in the alternative nutrition subcollection of the History of Science Rare Book Collection. To find herbals in our collection, search keywords such as: herbal, materia medicabotan* or medicin* plant*.  The following is a partial list of the herbals in our collections, which range from the mid-16th century to the mid-19th century.

Dodoens, Rembert. Histoire Des Plantes : En Laquelle Est Contenue La Description Entiere Des Herbes, C'est À Dire, Leurs Especes, Forme, Noms, Temperament, Vertus & Operations: Non Seulement De Celles Qui Croissent En Ce Païs, Mais Aussi Des Autres Estrangeres Qui Viennent En Usage De Medecine. En Anvers: De L'imprimerie De Iean Loë, 1557. QK41 .D6314 1557

Dodoens, RembertA Nievve Herball, or : Historie of Plantes : Wherein Is Contayned the Vvhole Discourse and Perfect Description of All Sortes of Herbes and Plantes, Their Diuers and Sundry Kindes, Their Straunge Figures, Fashions, and Shapes : Their Names, Natures, Operations, and Vertues, and That Not Onely of Those Whiche Are Here Growyng in This Our Countrie of Englande, but of All Others Also of Forrayne Realmes, Commonly Used in Physicke. At London: G. Dewes, 1578. QK41 .D63

Gerard, John. The Herball, Or, General Historie of Plantes. Very Much Enlarged and Amended / by Thomas Johnson ... ed. London: Printed by Adam Islip, Joice Norton and Richard Whitakers, 1636.QK41 .G38

Parkinson, John. Theatrum Botanicvm = The Theater of Plants, Or, An Herball of Large Extent : Containing Therein a More Ample and Exact History and Declaration of the Physicall Herbs and Plants ... Distributed into Sundry Classes or Tribes, for the More Easie Knowledge of the Many Herbes of One Nature and Property ... London: Printed by Tho. Cotes, 1640. QK41 .P2

Salmon, William. Botanologia, the English Herbal : Or, History of Plants : Containing I. Their Names, Greek, Latine and English : II. Their Species, or Various Kinds : III. Their Descriptions : IV. Their Places of Growth : V. Their times of Flowering and Seeding : VI. Their Qualities or Properties : VII. Their Specifications : VIII. Their Preparations, Galenick and Chymick : IX Their Virtues and Uses : X.A Complete Florilegium, of All the Choice Flowers Cultivated by Our Florists, Interspersed through the Whole Work, in Their Proper Places : Where You Have Their Culture, Choice, Increase, and Way of Management, as Well for Profit as Delectation : Adorned with Exquisite Icons or Figures, of the Most Considerable Species, Representing to the Life, the True Forms of Those Several Plants : The Whole in an Alphabetical Order. London: Printed by L. Dawkes, for H. Rhodes ... and J. Taylor ..., 1710. QK41 .S17 1710

Thornton, Robert JohnA New Family Herbal; Or, Popular Account of the Natures and Properties of the Various Plants Used in Medicine, Diet, and the Arts. London: Printed for R. Phillips [by R. Taylor], 1810. QK15 .T5