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Classroom Guide

This guide provides an overview of Valley Library classroom technology and some tips for technology troubleshooting the classrooms.

Displaying from Laptop or Tablet

You may use a laptop or tablet to display to the projectors rather than using the instructor station.

1.  Connect the HDMI* or VGA cable (located on cabinet holding equipment stack) to your laptop or tablet (you may checkout a variety of connectors at the Circulation Desk).

2.  Press the appropriate input button (HDMI or VGA) on the CRESTRON screen to initiate display of the device image onto the screens.

*NOTE RE: Apple Devices

There is a known issue displaying from Apple devices using an HDMI cable - it WILL NOT work on our system. The solution is to connect and display using a VGA cable (which will require the use of an adapter).

Displaying PowerPoint in Presenter Mode (Windows laptops)

To use PowerPoint in "Presenter" mode (speaking notes on your screen, slides on the screen), set your Windows laptop as follows:

    1. Plug your laptop into the video cable on the Autzen instructor station desktop
    2. Right click on your desktop to access Display Screen Resolution options and set the Multiple Displays option to Extend these displays (see image below)
    3. Open PowerPoint
    4. In the Slide Show > Monitors group, check the "Use Presenter View" tick box
    5. From the "Show On" drop down menu, choose Monitor [number] Generic PnP Monitor
    6. Launch the slide show