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Classroom Guide

This guide provides an overview of Valley Library classroom technology and some tips for technology troubleshooting the classrooms.


1. Using the instructor workstation or a laptop.

2. Lights and furniture arrangement.

3. Using the presentation carts. Presentation carts can be used with the instructor workstation or independently.

4. Wireless presentation using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Instructor Workstation/Laptop/Audio/Screen

Instructor Workstation

1. The actual computer is under the desk on the left. If the computer is off, you may need to turn it on or reboot it by pressing the button on the back right corner of the CPU.

2. Log in using your ONID user name and password

3. Use the CRESTRON panel to display the computer image on the screen. Touch the panel to wake the CRESTRON.

  1. If you are using the classroom computer, choose Computer as your source
  2. If you are using your own laptop, plug the supplied HDMI cable into your laptop and choose HDMI as your source
  3. If you are using Wireless Presentation, see instructions below



1. Adjust the audio using the CRESTRON panel. Make sure the computer audio is on. Speakers are mounted on either side of the screen.


1. Lower the screen using the down arrow button on the west alcove wall. Please remember to raise the screen when you leave.

When you are done

  1. Turn off the CRESTRON panel using the power button in the top right corner.
  2. Raise the screen using the up arrow button on the west alcove wall.
  3. Log off and restart the computer.






  1. Located on the east wall inside the alcove. You may leave the lights on since the classroom is open to students when not being used for instruction


  1. You may rearrange the furniture for your class. Please return it to its original configuration when you are done.

Presentation Carts

Presentation Carts

Display what is on the instructor screen 

1. On the CRESTRON panel attached to the cart, press power (bottom right)

2. Choose TV icon (top right)

NOTE: No sound comes from the presentation carts when displaying the instructor screen

Display what is on student laptop

1. Plug in HDMI  cable

2. Hit HDMI 1 on the CRESTRON panel (top left)

NOTE: Presentation carts will play sound from the laptop plugged into it. Use the volume control on the CRESTRON panel to adjust volume.

Wireless Presentation

You can use the projector with  AirMedia and your tablet or smartphone. 

iPhone instructions

  1. Download the Crestron AirMedia app form the app store 
  2. Accept Mobile Apps terms of USe and Privacy Statement
  3. Touch Wireless Presentation on the CRESTRON panel
  4. Enter the following URL on the AirMedia app screen
  5. Click on Present with AirMedia at the bottom of the screen. 
  6. Click OK (Connect Using Airplay)
  7. Swipe up
  8. Click on Screen Mirroring
  9. Choose
  10. Enter the code you see on the main screen and click OK

NOTE: When you are finished, be sure to Stop Mirroring or you may inadvertently share your screen with people in the room later.