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Classroom Guide

This guide provides an overview of Valley Library classroom technology and some tips for technology troubleshooting the classrooms.


On this page you will find information about using the technology in Autzen (Valley 2082) including:

Calling for Help

In the Autzen classroom, make phone calls on the black, star-shaped Polycom phone (sitting on top of the equipment rack case) to the right of the instructor station.

Call Media Services (dial 7-3806) for help with:

  • CRESTRON panel issues
  • Projector issues

Call the Library Technology Helpline pager (dial 7-8989) for help with:

  • student or instructor computer issues

Call the Library Information Desk (dial 7–7293) for help with:

  • 1Search access issue
  • catalog access issues
  • database access issues




General Troubleshooting

This linked page contains information about troubleshooting various issues in the Autzen classroom.

Using the Computer and Projectors (for Presentation or Webinar)

To start the system:

  1. Wake up the CRESTRON panel (if it is dark) by touching the Start button in upper right corner;  the Beaver logo will display on the panel
  2. Touch screen (again) to start
  3. Login to the computer (see Computer Login & Wake Up/Start Up module on this page)
  4. Touch the Computer  button on the CRESTRON panel to start the projectors and lower all six screens; projectors will take a minute or so to warm up and display image

If sound is needed:

  1. First adjust volume on computer
  2. Then adjust volume on CRESTRON panel by touching the Playback Volume buttons

To shut the system down:

  1. Touch System OFF button on the CRESTRON panel
  2. Confirm that selection by touching YES on the confirmation screen
  3. Restart the computer

Using Projector Freeze/Projector Blank/Auto Image

The projectors have several features that make managing presentations easier. These buttons are located on the CRESTRON panel.

  • PROJECTOR FREEZE: press to "freeze" current image for the audience; the presenter can move through slides or navigate to different websites without the audience seeing these actions. Press "freeze" again to release the image and give audience view of the new live current image.
  • PROJECTOR BLANK: press to "blank" the current image; audience will only see black on the screen even though the projector is on. Press "Blank" again to return audience to view of the current image on the computer.
  • AUTO IMAGE: use if image is slightly cutoff on the screen; this will sync the image

Using the Handheld or Lapel Mics

  1. Retrieve the handheld or lapel mic from the drawer (above the equipment rack to the left of the instructor desk)
  2. To turn the mic ON, press and hold the on/off button at the top
  3. Adjust the volume on the CRESTRON panel by touching the Speech Volume buttons (bottom right)
  4. To turn the mic off, press and hold the on/off button at the top.
  5. Return the mic to the drawer (above the equipment rack to the left of the instructor desk