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ORCID® identifiers at OSU

Information about registering, populating, and linking ORCID records for identity and research profile management.

ORCID Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORCID?

An ORCID iD is a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers. ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. The ORCID initiative focuses on solving the name ambiguity problem by creating persistent unique identifiers and linking mechanisms between different ID schemes and research objects. 

How can I get an ORCID identifier?

You can easily create an ORCID iD with your OSU credentials using the ORCID@OSU tool 

What if I already have an ORCID record?

If you have already created an ORCID iD, log-in to the ORCID@OSU tool, follow the prompts that instruct you to log-in and grant the university permission to read and write to your ORCID record. If you do not already have an ORCID iD, you will be presented with a pre-filled registration page.

What if I have an ORCID from another institution?

  1. Start at ORCID@OSU

  2. Log in to your ORCID account

  3. View the account settings at the top right side of page and edit the trusted organizations to include Oregon State University

When will I use the ORCID identifier?

When applying for a grant or submitting an article for publication. You can also add it to your web profile, your CV, or any other place you list your research.

Will my ORCID record (at populate automatically with my research output?

Initially, you can populate your profile using PubMed Central, CrossRef, and works already associated with a Thomson Reuters’ ResearcherID. 

Can I add articles to make my record complete?

Yes. You can manually edit your publication list. You can also clean up your profile by identifying your own research and deleting any entries that are not your own work.

Do ORCID records support citations in non-Latin scripts?

Yes, non-Latin script character sets with Unicode encoding are supported for display and search of ORCID profiles and the ORCID registry. Such citations may be added to your profile manually, or imported (if the exporting database supports these characters).

What if I leave Oregon State University?

Your ORCID record goes with you. It is not tied to a particular institution.

Can I delete my ORCID?

Yes, you can delete your ORCID record and iD. We do not recommend this, since ORCID iDs are increasingly required for grant applications and by publishers. An unused ORCID profile is not a problem, so we suggest keeping it until you need it.