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ORCID® identifiers at OSU

Information about registering, populating, and linking ORCID records for identity and research profile management.

Benefits For Researchers

  • Registration for an iD is quick, simple and free
  • Publishers, grant funders and associations collect ORCID iDs at submission and integrate your output into your record
  • ORCID iDs are unique and persistent, identifying each researcher uniquely
  • ORCID records associated publications, articles, datasets and other outputs with your iD
  • Data providers, including CrossRef, PubMed, and Web of Science can be used to populate ORCID records with your publications
  • ORCID is integrated into the university's Digital Measures suite, allowing import of works from your ORCID record and decreasing manual entry
  • Researchers control what material is public, private,or available only to trusted parties (privacy policy)

Benefits to the University

  • Accurate and current access to the scholarly output of OSU researchers 
  • Ability to follow a graduate’s work during his/her career
  • Potential integration of ORCID record information into other systems


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Michael Boock
Contact me for help with questions pertaining to copyright, the OSU Faculty Open Access policy, open access publishing, digital collections of scholarship. I am the library liaison for the College of Forestry and the Honors College.