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Style and Citation Guides

Introduction to style guides with links to citation machine.

Citations 101

Get a basic overview of where and when you need to cite and the different citation styles that are used in academic and scholarly writing. Citations 101 (link below) gives you a basic understanding of when and why you need to cite your sources.

If you don't know which style to use, make sure you ask your instructor. If your instructor leaves it up to you, choose the style with which you are most familiar.

Citation Basics

There are certain basic things you need to cite almost all sources, using just about any format:

  • The AUTHOR (or creator) of the work.  This may be one person, many people, a group or an organization.
  • The TITLE OF THE WORK itself.  The article title, the book title, the video title, etc.

If your specific source was published as part of a larger work, then you also need the TITLE OF THE LARGER WORK

This could be a newspaper, magazine or journal (if your source is an article), a book (if your source is a chapter or image), etc.