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Style and Citation Guides

Introduction to style guides with links to citation machine.

URLs from websites

You may need to cite information found on a reliable website.  Often webpages are "generated on the fly" or documents are found via a search.  In those cases a simple URL may not appear in your browser.

  • If the cite provides a prefered URL for its documents, use that ("cite as...");
  • ID a DOI (digital object identifier) is provided, check if your style guide prefers that;
  • If you must use the URL in your browser window, notice if it has the OSUL "proxy" server embedded in it and be aware that this may limit access;
  • Cut and paste the URL you think will work and test it in another browser so you know what your reader will see.

For references you locate on an organization site, StreamNet provides some good advice which may be applicable to other websites you encounter.  See this at: