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Resources for Visiting High School Classes

Finding Articles Using Academic Search Premier

1. On the library homepage, choose the link to Databases A-Z.

Screenshot of library homepage, arrow pointed at "Databases A-Z" link.


2. Choose Academic Search Premier from the Starting Points menu on the Databases page.

Screenshot of the Starting Points list on the library Databases Page. Academic Search Premier is at the top of the list

3. Enter your search terms, and use the options on the left side of the page to improve your search.

Finding Articles with Google Scholar

With Google Scholar you can search broadly (across several disciplines) with one search.  You can use Google Scholar to find peer-reviewed articles, but you will also find pre-print copies of articles, conference papers, white papers, patents, legal opinions and more.

  1. Before you start -- go to Scholar Preferences and enter Oregon State University in the Library Links field.
  2. Enter your keywords in the search box.
  3. Browse results, if you find something that you want and you don't see a link to get it at OSU, use 1Search (described in the box above) to see if you can get it here.
Google Scholar Search