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Resources for Visiting High School Classes

How to Use this Site

This page is here to support high school students and other community users who want to do research in OSU's collections.  

Orange arrow pointing to the leftUse the menu on the left side of the page to find out how to: find books and articles, and to understand when you need to log in and how. 

Use this page to find out how to get more help when you need it.

Get Help from a Librarian

Do not hesitate to ask for help with your research for this project -- you are welcome to call, email, phone, text, chat or stop by the desk with research questions even if you are not an OSU student!

You can find a full list of ways to connect with help here.

Library Cards & Borrowing

As Oregon's land grant university, OSU has a long-standing commitment to serving the people of Oregon. We are happy to lend many of our materials to you, and we welcome you to the building to do your research.

Note: If you are under 16, you will need a parent's signature on your application.


Where Do I Go?

To get library cards, or to borrow books, go to the Borrowing and Information Desk - near the front entrance, by the cow.

cow sculpture