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Diversity Scholars Program

Information about the OSULP Diversity Scholars Program.

We Are Recruiting for 2019-2020!

The DSP is now recruiting for our third Diversity Scholar with an October 2019 start date!

Applications are due July 1, 2019, however, please reach out to if you have any questions. A first step to applying to the DSP is acceptance to a Masters of Library Science Program and the DSP Committee is happy to assist you in that process.


This research guide provides information about the new Diversity Scholars Program at the OSU Libraries and Press, including resources to learn more about careers in libraries and archives, a frequently asked questions page, contact information for the DSP committee (see Contact box on left), and information about the application process. 

Program Goal: The Diversity Scholars Program (DSP) at OSULP aims to actively participate in creating a more diverse and inclusive Library Sciences field internationally and transnationally by providing a wider variety of students career opportunities in academic and research libraries and archives. The passionate and dedicated DSP committee works to provide extensive support and mentorship through a master of library and information science (MLIS) education while additionally providing paid, hands-on experience within the profession to broaden opportunities post-graduate education.

The program believes it is critical to foster understanding and awareness of, and commitment to, social justice, inclusion, and multicultural awareness in the library and archives professions. The committee is seeking MLIS students with education, training, and/or lived experience that will contribute to the refinement and enhancement of those capacities during their term in the OSU Diversity Scholars Program. OSULP hopes that this online and applied learning experience will empower the Diversity Scholars to be change agents.