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Diversity Scholars Program

Information about the OSUL Diversity Scholars Program.

Recognition, Accountability, and Inclusion

The OSU Libraries recognizes that higher education needs to be more accessible to underrepresented communities given the fact that those within marginalized communities are more likely to have less access to funds for college than their privileged counterparts. Additionally, the lack of diversity and inclusion on college campuses, including Oregon State University, is an extra hindrance for students in certain communities and thus correlates with low retention rates among students from diverse backgrounds and communities. 

Thus, the DSP committee and the OSU Libraries are dedicated to working toward creating not only a diverse space, but an inclusive, accountable, and progressive environment for students, staff, faculty, and users.

The OSU Libraries' Diversity Scholars Program provides an opportunity for experiential learning in an academic library and mentorship from a number of librarians to more fully support students seeking masters degrees in library science.

Dedication to Diversity and Inclusion

OSU Libraries working towards Diversity & Inclusion:

  • Civility Committee and Campaign
  • Gender-inclusive bathroom maps 
  • Oregon State Queer Archives (OSQA)
  • Oregon Multicultural Archives (OMA)  
  • PROMISE interns 
  • Professional Diversity Competency trainings
  • Collections in the areas of gender, sexuality, race, ethnic studies, intersectionality, international experience, diversity, inclusion, and social justice 

Different areas of the Valley Library provide opportunities for Diversity Scholars to engage thoughtfully and actively in social justice, these include but are not limited to:

  • Special Collections and Archives Research Center (SCARC) -  SCARC houses the Oregon Multicultural Archives and the Oregon State Queer Archives. Working within SCARC is an opportunity to help diversify and shape the histories of a variety of communities while working to make space for underrepresented communities and individuals who have historically been erased and/or appropriated to be recognized and represented.
  • Library Experience and Access Department (LEAD): LEAD pro-actively seeks and implements new approaches to reimagine the learning and service environment for the OSU community. LEAD offers spaces for studying 24/5, along with a number of resources and services - from laptop lending to course materials - to allow all students access to what they need to be successful. Working within lead is an opportunity to join team dedicated to better understanding user needs and developing innovative ways to meet those needs.
  • Resource and Acquisition Sharing (RAS): RAS supports the development of the Libraries' collections and manages the interlibrary loan service. Working with RAS offers Diversity Scholars the opportunity to help ensure that the OSU community has access to the resources it needs as part of students, faculty, and staff scholarly pursuits.
  • Research and Learning Department (R&L): R&L is committed to student success and offers instruction sessions, research consultations, as well as activities and events to make information finding and analysis more accessible for all students.Working in R&L is an opportunity to work with a variety of librarians including the Student Engagement and Community Outreach Library as well as the STEM Instruction and Outreach Librarian.
  • Emerging Technology Systems (ETS): ETS supports open access, community education and outreach, access and information about emerging technologies and social issues.