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WR 222: Everything's an Argument (English Composition)

Resources for WR222

This guide was designed to help you find and explore conversations about current events and current topics. Most of these modules will point you to resources written for general audiences, or to conversations happening about current events.  There are also resources to help you evaluate sources and the claims they make.

To find editorials and opinions in Nexis Uni:

  1. Click Advanced Search menu
  2. Select News 
  3. Select the Editorials and Opinions box

Screenshot of NexisUni Search Engine

Political Blog Aggregators


This is a short list of just a few of the social news media sites available.  Most of these include blogs, comments, pointers to news articles and analysis.  In other words, they provide a combination of opinion writing and more traditional journalism:

Note:  the comment threads on these posts are user-generated.  The quality of the comments range from inane to insightful.  Language, etc. is usually not moderated.

Talking Points Memo


Huffington Post

PJ Media

Visualization tools

Newsmap - a visual browsing "skin" on top of Google News data.


Consumer Information

From the menu on the left:
Subject Areas > Consumer Information