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WR 222: Everything's an Argument (English Composition)

On this page

This page will help you think about:

  • The type(s) of evidence you need.
  • Where you might find that evidence.


My claim - Star Wars is the greatest film of all time

My criteria - I need to figure out:

  • Who is my audience?
  • How are they likely to measure "greatest"?
  • Where do I go to find that evidence?


Board of Directors


General -

Questions --> Evidence --> Research Tools

This is a start at how you might think about how your audience, claims, criteria and evidence intersect.  It's only a start -- there are additional resources you can use to find answers to all of these questions.


Questions Evidence    Example Research Tools
What does the research say? Scholarly articles, Whitepapers, Books, etc.

Scholarly databases

Google Scholar

News Databases and Sites

What do the numbers say? Statistics, Profits, Ratings, etc.

Government websites

Business Information

News databases

What do the tastemakers say? Editorials, Celebrity testimonials, Reviews, etc. 

Image Search

News databases

Google Trendspotting 


What does the public say? Box Office, Attendance, Sales rates, Votes, etc.

Business Information

Public Opinion


What do the experts say? Reviews, Editorials, Opinions, Books, etc.

News databases

Rotten Tomatoes

Consumer Information