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WR 222: Everything's an Argument (English Composition)

Historical News from Newspapers & Magazines


Photo courtesy of Pingu1963.

EthnicNewsWatch: A History

Ethnic NewsWatch: A History ™ (ENW)  features the back file of 40 publications from ethnic and minority presses. Check out ENW to hear the voices of the Asian-American, Jewish, African-American, Native-American, Arab-American, Eastern-European, and multi-ethnic communities. Dates of coverage vary by title and span 1959 - 1993.

More Online Historical Newspapers

ICON: Newspaper Digitization Project
Provides a freely accessible database of information for over 25,000 U.S. and international newspapers.

U.S. Historical Newspapers
This guide from Bowling Green State University provides links by state.

Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers, 1789-1963
Search U.S. newspaper pages from 1789-1963 and find information about American newspapers published between 1690-present. View newspapers alphabetically

Historical Oregon Newspapers Online
This site provides access to early Oregon newspapers. The digital newspaper content has been placed online for free public access and keyword searching. The Oregon Digital Newspaper Program (ODNP) at the University of Oregon completed the preparation and digitization of the newspapers.

By going to a newspaper's website, check if free online archives are available. For example:

Finding Aids: New Ways to Find Old News

The bibliographic indexes below allow you to identify newspaper articles from specific time periods in papers we own and in papers we do not own. If OSU does not collect a copy of the newspaper you are looking for, and you are an OSU student, faculty, or staff member, you may request a copy of a newspaper article through Inter-Library Loan if a full and accurate citation is provided to the ILL office. Submit an ILL request.

Antislavery Newspapers and Periodicals (E449 .A621)
Volume two provides an annotated index of letters in the Liberator, Anti-Slavery Record, Human Rights, and the Observer, 1835-1865.

The University of Oregon Libraries maintains a large collection of newspapers published in Oregon, the United States, and around the world, both current and historical. For more information about this collection, please refer to the University of Oregon Libraries guide, Finding Newspapers. Access this material by going in person to the University of Oregon's Knight Library or through interlibrary loan with a specific citation.

Eugene Newspaper Index: 1855-1870 (AN .U5 E8)

Library Association of Portland Newspaper Index (AI3 .P78) Indexes issued in 1980 cover state and local news, ca. 1905-1979, from the Oregon Journal, the Oregonian (with selected indexing from the Portland Telegram (1919-1931), and the Portland Reporter (1960-1964), and retrospective indexing to 1851 from miscellaneous sources. Indexes issued in 1985- cover the Oregonian, Oregon Journal, Willamette Week, and Business Journal.

Newspaper Indexes: A Location and Subject Guide for Researchers: (AI3 .M5)

Oregon Newspapers on Microfilm: (Z6952 .O7 O71)

Oregon Spectator (Indexes) 1846-1854 (AI21 .O7)

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature  (AI3 .R4)
Sometimes refers to NY Times articles.

On Microfilm: International News


Der Hoch-Deutsche AN .U5 H581 1739 - 1762
Japan (Nippon) Times AN .J3 J29 1943 - 1945
Manchester Guardian Weekly AN .G7 M3 1952 - 1996
Pravda AN .R8 P7 1961 - 2009

On Microfilm: National Newspapers

American Weekly Mercury AP2 .A2 A838 Dec 22, 1719 - May 22, 1746
Boston Post Boy AN .U5 B642 Nov 12, 1744 - Nov 16, 1775
Chicago Defender AN .U5 C4 Apr 2, 1921 - 1980
Daily Journal of Commerce HF5001 .D27 1953 - Apr 16, 1974
Daily Republican AN .U5 B39 Jan 2 - Feb 19, 1915
Daily Worker AN .U5 W6 1923 - July 14, 1968
Daily World AN .U5 D3 Jul 1968 - Jun 1974
Gales Independent Gazeteer AN .U5 G3 Aug 1784 - 1792
Hemingford Ledger (Lincoln, NE) AN .U5 H461 Oct 7, 1915 - Mar 3, 1938
Independent Gazetteer AN .U5 G3 Apr 1782 - May 1799
Maryland Gazette AN .U5 M371 1745 - 1789
National Observer (Wash., D.C.) AN .U5 N35 Feb 1962 - Jul 11, 1977
Newbern (NC) Gazette AN .U5 N741 1798 - 1804 (scattered issues)
North Carolina Gazette AN .U5 N871 Nov 1751 - Oct 1759 (lacks many issues)
Jun 1768 - Nov 1778 (lacks many issues)
North Carolina Mercury AN .U5 N741 1799 - 1801 (scattered issues)
Pennsylvania Evening Herald & General Advertiser AN .U5 P4 1785 - Feb 14, 1788
Pennsylvania Evening Post AN .U5 P42 1775 - 1779
Pennsylvania Ledger or Philadelphia Market Day Advertiser AN .U5 P44 1775 - 1778
Pennsylvania Mercury & Philadelphia Price current AN .U5 P45 Aug 1784 - Mar 1792
Philadelphische Zeitung AN .U5 P481 1755 - 1757
Pittsburgh Courier AN .U5 P5 1911 - 1912; 1923 - 1950
Triweekly Republican AN .U5 B38 1909 - 1910
Vietnam Courier DS557 .A1 V45 Jun 10, 1964 - Apr 24, 1972
Virginia Gazette AN .U5 V5 Sep 10, 1736 - Dec 9, 1780
Virginia Journal & Alexandria Advertiser AN .U5 V52 Feb 5, 1784 - Nov 24,1795
(Woodburn) Opportunity News HD1527 .O7 O6 v.1; 1965 - v.4; 1968
The Worker AN .U5 W6 1919 -Jul 14, 1968

On Microfilm: Oregon Newspapers


Benton Bulletin AN.U5 B37 1976 - 1998
Benton County Courier AN .U5 B4 Mar 18, 1915 - May 26, 1924
Benton County Herald AN .U5 B42 Aug 4, 1932 - May 18, 1978
Benton County Republican AN .U5 B4 Oct 11, 1906 - Mar. 11, 1915
Benton Democrat AN .U5 B414 May 4, 1871 - Mar 21, 1874
Benton Independent AN .U5 B45 Apr 18, 1924 - Mar 24, 1932
Corvallis Gazette (weekly) AN .U5 C6 Feb 7, 1899 - Jun 25, 1909
Corvallis Times AN .U5 C59 Aug 2, 1893 - Jun 25, 1909
Newport Mercury AN .U5 N761 1758 - 1775
Occidental Messenger (Corvallis) AN .U5 W4 Sep 26, 1857 - Jun 5, 1858
Oregon Free Press AN .U5 O59 Apr 8 - Dec 16, 1848
Oregon Journal AN .U5 O6 Mar 11, 1902 - Sep 4, 1982
Oregon Labor Press HD6500 .O726 1940 - 1986
Oregon Spectator F880 .O711 v.1; 1846 - v.8; 1855
Oregon Union AN .U5 O65 Jul 1897 - Feb 10, 1899
Portland Reporter AN .U5 P8 Feb 11, 1960 - Oct 1964
Willamette Bridge (Portland) AN .U5 W48 Jun 7, 1968 - Jun 24, 1971
Willamette Valley Observer AN .U5 W5 Jan 1975 - Jul 21, 1982
Willamette Week AN .U5 W52 1974 - March 2009

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