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*World Languages & Literature

World Languages and Literature

Welcome / Bienvenidos / 欢迎 / Bienvenue / 환영하다 / Wilkommen / Benvenuti / ようこそ

This guide offers support for general language learning, as well as language-specific resources. Use the tabs at the left to navigate.

Finding library materials in world languages

You can search 1Search to find books, ebooks, articles, or other materials in many different languages.

The easiest way is to do your search and then limit your results, using the Refine My Results option at the right of the page. Under Language, you can narrow to the language(s) you want.

If you aren't finding the results you want, consider the following:

  • Even if you're searching for materials in another language, the record for the item may be in English, so try searching for your terms both in the language you're seeking and in English.
  • Check your spelling -- while many accents and diacritical marks will not affect the search, languages that use non-Roman scripts may be transliterated with various spellings. Try some variations.

Finding online information in world languages

Finding resources online in non-English languages can have its challenges.

With many search engines, you should be able to use an advanced search to limit by language. Using search terms in the language you're seeking is also a good way to help get the results you want. You may also wish to adjust any personalization within a search engine or browser which opens up language options.