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Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives: PEOPLE & BUSINESSES

This guide provides a list of archival collections related to hops and brewing history, as well as tips and resources for doing research.


Brewing and Fermentation Research Collection, 1916-2016

The Brewing and Fermentation Collection consists of materials collected by the OSU Special Collections and Archives Research Center pertaining to the history, growth, and culture of the Pacific Northwest brewing industry, including regional hops and barley farming, commercial craft and home brewing, and craft cider and mead.

Of note are the homebrew club newsletters, publications, articles and theses, clippings, and brewery and subject files, marketing materials, memorabilia, and ephemeral items like beer cans and bottles. Electronic records are a component of this collection, including newsletters, reports, photographs, and ephemeral materials on home brewing, craft breweries, and hop farming in Oregon.

There are also several noteworthy periodical runs including Celebrator (1988-2014), Malt Advocate (1994-2009), American Brewer (1987-2013), Beer Northwest (2007-2010), Brewing Techniques (1993-1999), Zymurgy (1984-2013), All About Beer (1979-2014), The New Brewer (1983-2010), The Oregon Hop Grower and Pacific Hop Grower (1933-1940), The Hopper (1944-1955), Northwest Brew News, Brewers Guardian (1963-2002), and the Oregon Beer Growler (2014-2016).

Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives Oral History Collection (OH35)

The Oregon Hops and Brewing Archives Oral History Collection is a growing repository of interviews with industry professionals, journalists and community members. More specifically, this collection documents the stories of people involved with Pacific Northwest hops and barley farming; craft and home brewing, cider, mead; and scientific research.

A list of the interviews that are part of this collection are on the "Oral Histories, Videos" tab in this guide. 


Fred Bowman Collection

The Fred Bowman collection features digital surrogates of papers and photographs documenting the creation and expansion of one of Oregon's first post-Prohibition breweries: Portland Brewing Company. Co-founded in 1986 by Fred Bowman, Jim Goodwin, and Art Larrance, Portland Brewing Company's original brewpub location would not only help revitalize the Pearl District, but serve as a catalyst for the region's craft brew revolution. Collection items include digital copies of materials contained in Bowman's personal notebook, file folders, and photograph album.

The photographs in this collection have been digitized and are available online

Denny Conn Papers, 1999-2017

This collection includes born digital and digitized materials (.mp3, video, documents), as well as print copies of Conn's books Homebrew All-Stars and Experimental Homebrewing. Topics represented in the collection are files related to the publication of his books (outlines and drafts, research, recipe experiments and evaluation, and photos), class and conference presentations, audio and video files of lectures and podcasts, photographs of brewing systems and equipment, and research files (recipes design, decoction, first wort hopping). 

Robert Daly beer publication collection, 1978-2004

This collection is comprised of publications collected by Daly about beer brewing as well as guides to different varieties of beer found in the U.S. and worldwide. Included among the publications are several issues of the Oregon Brew Crew newsletter, which Daly edited.

In addition to several features written by Daly for the Oregon Brew Crew newsletters, the collection also includes an article written by Daly on Bulgarian beers that appeared in a student newspaper. A number of newsletter articles likewise document the OSU Fermentation Science program. Newspaper clippings focusing on the Portland homebrewing scene are also part of the collection.

Phil Decker Oregon Crop Festival Photographs Collection, 2010-2016

Collection consists of pictures images taken by Phil Decker, a Salem-based photographer, of various crop festivals in Oregon, including the 2011 Independence Hops and Heritage Festival and 2013 Hubbard Hops Festival.

Pete Dunlop Collection, 1903-2010

The Pete Dunlop Collection consists of born digital materials assembled by Dunlop in the course of researching and writing the book Portland Beer: Crafting the Road to Beervana.

Residing in electronic form as Word, PDF, TIF, and JPG files, these materials are made up of articles from the Oregonian newspaper, digital images, transcribed interviews with people in the Portland brewing community, and documents relating to state Senate Bill 813, more commonly known as the Oregon brewpub bill. The collection's electronic articles are arranged in folders by decade and date from 1903 to 2010. The images consist of both published and unpublished photographs that include portrait shots of brewers as well as shots of artifacts such as coasters, Portland beer festivals, and restaurants connected with breweries.

All images are protected by copyright and are publication requires written permission of Dunlop.

Fred Eckhardt Papers, 1879-2013

The Fred Eckhardt collection covers a broad range of topics related to craft beer brewing, as well as sake and wine making. Included are historical and contemporary brewing practices; research files and personal notes about northwest, regional, national, and international breweries; and photographs of brewing operations, brewers, national and international travels, and industry events. Eckhardt’s collection also includes his own publications, from periodicals to books. These files feature original research, correspondence, artwork and photographs, drafts, issue design templates, and final versions of his published work.

Abram Goldman-Armstrong Papers, 1980-2018

Abram Goldman-Armstrong is an author and former owner of Cider Riot!, a hard cider company in Portland. The materials in the Abram Goldman-Armstrong Papers reflect his work as a writer, interest in sustainability, research on beer styles and breweries, and participation in the brewing community.

Godfrey Hoerner Collection, 1912-1959

Godfrey R. Hoerner earned his degree from Oregon Agricultural College in 1916 and was a faculty member at Oregon State College from 1931 to 1959. This collection includes photographs, news clippings, and publications from Hoerner's student years at Oregon Agricultural College and the University of Minnesota, as Oregon State College's Extension Specialist for Hop Production, and during his four-year tenure working at the Kasetsart University in Thailand. Of special note are photographs of USDA displays and brewers's conventions in the 1930s through 1950s, panoramic and group pictures from the American Brewers Association and Master Brewers Association of America, and publications such as the Brewers Digest: 20 Years of Brewing Progress issue commemorating the 20th anniversary of repeal.

Hoerner also wrote The Hop Press: A Memorandum of What's Brewin', which was a monthly publication put out by the Oregon State College Extension Service to provide information on hops and brewing to County Extension Agents in Oregon. This informal publication provides a detailed view of hops growing and production in Oregon and the northwest for this period, as well as information about hops growing in Washington, Idaho, and California. Included are a variety of news items, such as statistics on hop acreage, the costs of production, number of growers, information about industry organizations, summaries and preliminary reports of OSU hops research, news items from newspapers and other publications in Oregon and Washington, agendas for Hop Growers Conferences, and summaries of presentations at these conferences.

Art Larrance Collection, 1870-1999

Digital surrogates of materials held by Art Larrance, including articles of incorporation for Portland Brewing, company newsletters, and pre-Prohibition hops and brewing advertising and company materials.

The materials in this collection have been digitized and are available online. 

Ruth Tibbits Tooze Papers, 1938-1940

The Ruth Tibbits Tooze Papers are comprised of materials collected by Tooze between 1938 and 1940, during her tenure as Vice President of the Oregon Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU). The collection includes correspondence, notes, typescripts, budget records, meeting agendas, pamphlets and leaflets, press releases, educational planning documents, song sheets, event programs, and news clippings.

Don Younger Publications Collection, 1979-2007

Don Younger bought the Horse Brass Pub in Portland, Oregon in 1976. He was a strong supporter of local beer and a mentor for other publicans; he was also a book and beer memorabilia collector. The Don Younger Beer Publications Collection is comprised of periodicals and newsletters collected by Younger about brewing in the United States. Younger created indexes to articles and subject files as well; most are undated, but include article titles, correspondence and promotional materials, and information on companies and people.


Barley's Angels Records

This collection contains records related to chapter administration, marketing and promotional materials, financial and banking information, event and course planning documents, and photographs. 

Barley’s Angels is a network of chapters by and for women exploring beer around the world. The activities of the chapters expand women's appreciation and understanding of craft beer through events with craft beer professionals, as well as providing opportunities for publicans, brewers, and restaurateurs to grow their female customer base by hosting events. 

Hop Growers of America Records

The Hop Growers of America Records (HGA) document the functioning of the organization. The HGA was founded in 1956 in Washington State. Its mission is to create a healthier and more efficient United States hops industry for corporations and farmers through education, advocacy, promotion, and support for technical and scientific research. The Hop Growers of America Records document the functioning of the organization. The bulk of the collection is comprised of meeting minutes of committees within the organization, event planning materials, HGA reports, and U.S. Hop Promotion Committee minutes.

Hops Research Council Records, 1943-2009

The Hops Research Council Records consist of materials generated and collected by the council that document its support of hops research projects as well as the gathering of information about hops research outside of the U.S. Much of the collection pertains to the development of new hop varieties and the management of hop diseases such as powdery mildew. In addition to annual reports summarizing ongoing research projects funded by the HRC, the collection includes article reprints, bylaws, cds, contracts, correspondence, financial records, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, notes, research proposals, and symposium proceedings. The collection's six cds contain annual reports.

Much of the research reflected in the records pertains to the development of new hop varieties and the management of hop diseases such as powdery mildew. Projects by researchers at OSU (including those with the USDA Agricultural Research Service) are featured prominently in these files, which include the work of Alfred Haunold, Cindy Ocomb, Ward Strong, Max Deinzer, and John Henning.

Heart of the Valley Homebrewers

The Heart of the Valley Homebrewers Records are comprised of a wide variety of materials that document the club's activities and outreach. The Heart of the Valley Homebrewers club was founded in Corvallis in 1982.

The records held in this collection include blank forms, bylaws, correspondence, flyers, meeting minutes, membership lists, newsletters, newspaper clippings, and recipes/brewsheets. In addition to documenting beers made by HOTV members, the records also reflect annual events organized by the club, beer judging certification, and involvement of club members in the American Homebrewers Association. The collection's newsletters not only represent the HOTV, but other local homebrew clubs as well, including as the Capitol Brewers (Salem), the Mary's Peak Lagers, and the Cascade Brewer's Society (Springfield).

Master Brewers of America, Northwest Chapter Records

The Northwest District of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas was established in 1935, with events to provide continuing education, technical information, and social opportunities. This collection contains publications, event materials, photographs, and governance records for the Northwest District.

Mt. Angel Abbey Hops Photographs, circa 1925 - circa 1960s

The Mt. Angel Abbey Hops Photographs consist of pictures from the Abbey dating from circa 1925 and circa 1960s. They show the hop process from planting to harvest. The Mt. Angel Abbey was founded just outside of Mt. Angel, Oregon in 1882. This collection consists of digital images scanned from original negatives owned by the Mt. Angel Abbey and loaned to Oregon State University for digitization.

All of the images are available in Oregon Digital.

Oregon Hop Growers Association Records, 1949-2011

The Oregon Hop Growers Association Records document the administration of the OHGA and its various activities, including outreach events and the collection of statistical information about hop production in the United States and abroad.

The general membership meeting minutes are online: 

All of the photographs and slides have been digitized and are available online. The videos have been digitized and are available online: Oregon Hop Commission Historical FootageJohn O' Connell, Hop Growers of America conference presentationHops farming operations.

Oregon Brewers Guild

The Oregon Brewers Guild Records offer a look into the early, formative years of one of the nation’s oldest craft brewer associations, as well as their work in more recent years.

The Oregon Brewers Guild was founded in 1992 and is a non-profit trade, marketing, and lobbying association that represents the Oregon craft brewing industry. It's mission is to protect the brewing industry of the state and the interests of Guild members through education, advocacy, and events.

Pink Boots Society Records, 2008-2018

The Pink Boots Society Records document the creation, growth, administration, and members of a professional organization that supports women in the brewing industries. Included are operational documents, marketing materials, legal and financial records, membership and volunteer management records, correspondence, meeting agendas and minutes, governance materials, scholarship programs information, presentations, events materials, photographs and videos, documents related to chapter management, the organization's website, and records related to the Barley's Angels. The Pink Boots Society Records is primarily an electronic collection and consists of born-digital materials (.mp3, video, documents, website); however, merchandise and ephemera from events are also included.

The Pink Boots Society was inspired by a 2007 cross-country trip taken by Teri Fahrendorf. When the trip was finished, Fahrendorf had collected contact information for nearly 60 women who wanted to create and participate in a supportive professional community. In 2012, the Pink Boots Society became a non-profit organization, which allowed them to raise funds and expand their educational scholarships, including support for women to attend brewing schools and travel abroad. 


Deschutes Brewery Collection

The Deschutes Brewery Collection includes print and digitized materials related to operations, promotional campaigns, and photographs. This includes digitized brew sheets and recipes, digital images of people and operations, press releases, promotional materials, labels, posters, newspaper clippings, and festival ephemera. Also of note is a documentary film about Deschutes obtaining and brewing with fresh hops. The brew sheets, news clippings, photographs, labels, and promotional materials were provided to the Special Collections & Archives Research Center in 2018 for digitization. The original items were retained by Deschutes..

Zoller Hop Company Records, 1900-2006

The Zoller Hop Company Records consists of records and materials created and assembled throughout the first half of the 20th century. The collection contains records of business operations: correspondence and management files, photographs of fields and community events, and digitized versions of two films. The company was located in Independence, Oregon, the “Hop Capital of the World’ during the first half of the 20th century. The company was later owned by Donal MacCarthy and the name was changed to “D.P. MacCarthy & Son.”

McMenamins Brewery Collection, 1985-2013

The McMenamins Brewery Collection includes digitized brew sheets, digital images, brochures, coasters, decals, event programs, flyers, newspaper clippings, tap handles, posters, labels, a wooden cask, and a six-pack of Hammerhead beer. McMenamins is a family-owned chain of brewpubs, breweries, historic hotels, and theater pubs in the Pacific Northwest.

The brew sheets and some event materials were provided to the Special Collections & Archives Research Center in 2015 and 2016 for digitization. The original items have been retained by McMenamins.

Ninkasi Brewing Company Collection, 2012-2014

The Ninkasi Brewing Company Collection includes materials generated by the Ninkasi Brewing Company that document the various types of beer produced at the brewery.

The Ninkasi Brewing Company Collection is primarily an electronic collection, with a much smaller number of printed materials, and consists of born-digital materials (video files, documents, photographs, Adobe Illustrator and other graphic design files). The majority of the graphic design files are related to packaging, promotion, and distribution. There are general company marketing materials, but also those that focus on individual beers, including Tricerahops Double IPA, Maiden the Shade, Sleighr Dark Double Alt, Spring Reign Ale, Dawn of the Red, Believer Double Red, Oatis Oatmeal Stout, Hazy Domination (Hazy IPA), Prismatic IPA, and Total Domination IPA. Ninkasi beer is available in 12oz bottle 6-packs, 22oz bottles, and on draft; this collection has design files and promotional materials for each method of packaging and distribution. Also included are reports and planning documents, events and activities sponsored by the brewery, pictures of facilities and employees, and beer release schedules. There are over 8,000 electronic files.

The printed materials include beer labels, original artwork, event posters, oversize label stock, and a brewing process diagram infographic with food recipes.

There are elements of this website preserved by the Internet Archive.

Oregon Trail Brewery Records

The Oregon Trail Brewery Records document the brewing and company operations, finances and shareholder involvement, transitions to new ownership, marketing and promotion, and reporting about the brewery in the press. The Oregon Trail Brewery Company was incorporated as Brewery Northwest, Ltd. on March 20, 1985 in Corvallis, Oregon and began beer production on July 15, 1987. When Oregon Trail Brewery opened in 1987, it was the first new brewery in the Willamette Valley outside of Portland since Prohibition was repealed.

Olympia Brewery Library 

In 1895 Leopold Schmidt founded the Olympia Brewing Company in Tumwater, Washington, under the name of the Capital Brewing Company. After a series of buy-outs, operations closed in 2003. The Olympia Brewing Company Library Collection contains the publications collected by the Olympia Brewery including magazines, journals, and laboratory communications.

Oregon Wine Industry Collection, 1937-2011

This small collection contains materials that document the Oregon wine industry. Included are clippings, winery newsletters and guides, publications, and ephemera.

Portland Brewing Company Records

The Portland Brewing Company Records includes records from several merged companies: Portland Brewing Company (est. 1986), Hart Brewing Company (est. 1984), and Pyramid Breweries, Inc. (est. 1996).

The bulk of the collection is comprised of brewing records, but there are also photographs of facilities, events, and equipment; marketing, promotional, packaging items; news clippings; building plans; and training materials. The Hart Brewing Company materials include a scrapbook with photographs, correspondence, ephemera, and clippings. 

Rock Bottom Brewery Records

The Rock Bottom Brewery Records document the brewing operations at the SW Morrison Street, Portland, Oregon facility. Brew and kegging logs record data about ingredients, temperatures, waste, and other measurements of the brewing process and when the beer is in storage. Rock Bottom Brewery is a Denver-based chain of brewpubs. They opened the Portland, Oregon pub in 1994 at 206 SW Morrison Street. It closed in 2019 after the landlord did not renew the lease on the restaurant. 

Widmer Brothers Brewing Company Records

The Widmer Brothers Brewing Company Records includes brewing records, photographs, marketing materials, office files, ephemera, and audio video content. Widmer Brothers Brewing Company was founded in 1984 in Portland, Oregon by Kurt and Rob Widmer. Kurt Widmer retired in 2016, the Gasthaus closed in 2019, and Anheuser-Busch InBev acquired the company in 2020.

Wigrich Ranche Photographic Album

The Wigrich Ranche (sic) was a hops farm located in Buena Vista, Oregon, approximately 3 miles southeast of Independence in an area that was called the “Hop Center of the World” between 1900 and 1940. The Wigrich Ranche (sic) Album documents the operational and worker activities of the farm.