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OSU Women's History in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center


Student Club and Organization Records, 1931-2008
The Student Club and Organization Records document the approval and recognition of more than 900 student clubs and organizations at Oregon State University.  While the records include materials from the 1930s-1960s, the bulk of the materials pertain to student organizations active in the 1970s-2000s. The full range and variety of student organizations are represented in these records and include those whose focus is an academic or degree program; ethnic or cultural community; or local, state, or national politics. Service organizations, fraternities and sororities, honor societies, and student chapters of professional organizations are documented in the collection. Sports and recreation clubs for women and men are also included in the files, as are clubs that were established as a way for students with similar hobbies/interests to interact socially. Records include annual review forms, budgets and financial reports, constitutions and by-laws, member rosters and officer lists, event registration forms, and related documentation and correspondence. Boxes-folders 1.02, 2.02, 2.07, 3.03, 5.08, 5.14, 6.07, 6.10, 6.14, 8.22, 9.04 contain information about women's clubs at OSU.

Home Economics Club Records, 1924-1974Black and white photo of Home Economics Club students seated at table.
The Home Economics Club Records document the membership and activities of the organization for home economics students at Oregon State University. The records include constitutions, correspondence, financial records, minutes, membership lists, newsletters, and scrapbooks.

Oregon State University Dames Club Records, 1927-1973
The Oregon State Dames Club Records document the membership and activities of this organization of the wives and mothers of Oregon State students. The Records include constitutions, correspondence, a history of the club prepared by Fern Roche, National Association of University Dames yearbooks, meeting minutes, financial records, and scrapbooks. The scrapbooks include information about scholarships awarded by the organization, lists of members and officers, publicity and ephemera, and yearly summaries of activities.

Phrateres Gamma Chapter Scrapbooks, 1930-1962*
The Phrateres Gamma Chapter Scrapbooks were assembled by Oregon State chapter members and document the membership and activities of the organization, which began as a social and service organization for independent women students who were not members of a sorority. The collection consists of 10 scrapbooks that include clippings, constitutions, newsletters of the national organization, ephemera, and photographs. 

Oregon State University Women's Club Records, 1970-1980
The Oregon State University Women's Club Records document the activities of this organization of Portland (Or.) women who graduated from Oregon Agricultural College in the 1910s and 1920s. The collection includes by-laws, a 1980 history of the organization, minutes, treasurer's reports, and yearbooks for 1976/1977 and 1979/1980.

Sorosis Literary Society Records, 1895-1912
The Sorosis Literary Society Records document the activities of this organization of women students at Oregon Agricultural College. The society's programs included dramatic and comedy performances, recitation, and vocal and instrumental music.

Feronian Literary Society and Mask and Dagger Club Records, 1910-1917
These records document the administration and activities of the Feronian Literary Society from 1910 to 1912 and the Mask and Dagger Club from 1912 to 1917. The Feronian Literary Society was established in 1897 for women students at Oregon Agricultural College. The records consist of one series: Constitution, By-laws, and Minutes, 1910-1917.

Oregon State University Mountain Club Records, 1947-1975
The Oregon State University Mountain Club Records document the mountaineering, skiing, and mountain rescue activities of this student organization. The collection contains scrapbooks, minutes, issues of the club's newsletter, correspondence, and photographs.

Mike Club Scrapbook and Sound Recordings, 1947-1964
The Mike Club Scrapbook and Sound Recordings document the Club's activities and programs, including radio and television broadcasts produced by Oregon State students. The collection includes a scrapbook and audio recordings.

Sigma Xi Records, 1932-2001
The Sigma Xi Records document the activities and programs of the Oregon State University chapter of this scientific research society and include summaries of the status of scientific research at Oregon State University in the 1930s and 1960s. The records include correspondence and clippings regarding the organization's activities and members as well as petitions to the national organization.

Websterian Literary Society Records, 1892-1894
The Websterian Literary Society Records document the activities of this co-educational organization for Oregon Agricultural College students. Several membership lists are included throughout the records.

Hesperian Lyceum Records, 1891-1893
The Hesperian Lyceum Society Records consist of the minutes of meetings of the society and a membership roll with attendance registered. The minutes document the programs of the organization. The Hesperian Lyceum Society was established in 1891 at Oregon Agricultural College as a literary society for men and women. 

Sydney Trask Photograph Collection, 1871-1932
The Sydney Trask Photograph Collection consists of images created and assembled by Trask and includes many notable images of Oregon Agricultural College buildings, campus views, classrooms, and laboratories during the 1890s thru 1910s. Images documenting instruction in engineering, home economics, industrial arts, photography, and agriculture as well as student activities and clubs including the Camera Club (Box 01, Folder 04), band, military reviews, and literary societies (Box 01, Folder 04) are part of the collection. 

Triad Club Records, 1925-2006*
The Triad Club Records document the activities and operation of this organization of Oregon State University faculty established in 1926 to further "fellowship, cooperation, and service" among faculty, students, and the citizens of Corvallis. The records include membership lists, minutes, scrapbooks, photographs, and anniversary publications.

Co-op and Dorm Life

Black and white photo of exterior of Dixon Lodge circa 1966Dixon Lodge Records, 1963-2013*
Established in 1966 in one of two newly constructed cooperative buildings on the east edge of campus, Dixon Lodge began as a men's housing cooperative absorbing the residents of the former Cascadia Lodge co-op. In 1985 the residents of Dixon Lodge voted to become co-educational. This collection consists of materials generated by the Dixon Lodge cooperative house and is made up of photograph albums and scrapbooks documenting the students who lived there. In addition to group and portrait shots of residents, the images also depict various events at the Lodge.

Oxford House Records, 1966-2014*
The Oxford House Records consist of materials documenting the residence, a women's housing cooperative that existed at OSU from 1966-2014. The collection's materials reflect both everyday life at the house as well as special activities organized by its members, and include certificates, a drawing, greeting cards, handbooks, photographs, plaques, scrapbooks, and trophies.

Azalea House Records, 1953-2014
The Azalea House Records reflect the administration of Azalea House through articles of incorporation, budgetary materials, meeting minutes, contracts, handbooks, constitutions, notebooks, policy statements, reports, signage, and surveys. Social activities, events, and honors/awards received by Azalea House residents are reflected in scrapbooks, photographs, photograph albums, guestbooks, songs, certificates, plaques, trophies, and banners.

Waldo Hall Scrapbooks, 1947-1958
The Waldo Hall Scrapbooks consists of two scrapbooks documenting the residents and activities of this women's dormitory at Oregon State College. One of the scrapbooks is for the 1947-1948 academic year and the other documents the 50th anniversary celebration of Waldo Hall in 1957-1958. Both scrapbooks consist primarily of newspaper clippings about Waldo Hall residents and their honors and activities.

Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present
The Memorabilia Collection is an artificial collection consisting of individual items of historical value such as programs, posters, brochures, clippings, buttons, pennants, stickers, and other ephemera. The collection contains numerous items documenting dormitory and co-op life on campus. Subject files documenting the history of campus cooperatives and dormitories can be found in box-folder 57.17 and 57.18; additional subject files can be found throughout the collection, filed alphabetically by house/dormitory name. A Master's thesis considering the financial management of the five women's cooperative houses on campus can be found in box-folder 140.10.

University Publications Photographs, 1890-2002*
The University Publications Photographs consist of images taken or assembled by the publications staff for use in OSU catalogs, brochures, posters, and other publications as well as in OSU Press publications. Photographs of buildings, including dorms and co-ops can be found in accession 95:014 (Boxes 5 and 6), accession 96:083 (Box 11), and accession 2004:036 (Box 27).

Living Groups Index, circa 1960-1976
The Living Groups Index documents off-campus housing for Oregon State University students from the 1910s through 1970s. The Index consists of individual cards for fraternities, sororities (Box 01), cooperatives, and other housing clubs. The cards include dates of establishment or charter and, if applicable, the year a local fraternity or sorority affiliated with a national organization. Each card also provides street addresses for the living group through time

University Housing and Dining Services Records, 1900-2013*
The University Housing and Dining Services Records document the administration of campus housing at Oregon State University for 1930-2005, with the bulk of records representing the 1960s and 1970s. The records reflect major issues in housing policies including co-educational housing, campus security, alcohol use, and self-governance by residents.

Smith-Western Company Photographs of Oregon State College, circa 1955-1956
The Smith-Western Company Photographs of Oregon State College consist of images of campus buildings and sorority and fraternity houses. These images were produced around 1955. Buildings and other views pictured include, but are not limited to, the chemical engineering building (Gleeson Hall), Dearborn Hall, the Library (Kidder Hall), the Women's Building (Box 01), and the gates of the east campus entrance. A number of cooperative houses (Box 01) are also pictured. 

Alice Kidder Evans Photograph Collection, 1889-1919*
This collection consists of photographs assembled by Alice Kidder Evans and her father Andrew Kidder. The photographs are identified and some are dated. Most of the images depict OAC buildings and students. The structures in these photographs include Alpha Hall, Benton Hall, the greenhouse and the Horticulture Building. The students in these images are photographed in their cadet uniforms in formation, in front of dormitories (Box 01), and engaged in entomological fieldwork.


Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Photographs, 1918-1963 color photo of Gamma Phi Beta members in front of their sorority house, 1979
The Gamma Phi Beta Sorority Photographs consist of images of the sorority's members and houses in Corvallis, Oregon. The Oregon State chapter of Gamma Phi Beta was established in 1915 as a local club and became a chapter of the national sorority in 1918.

Alpha Chi Omega Chi Chapter Minutes, 1918
The Alpha Chi Omega Chi Chapter Minutes document weekly chapter meetings during the winter and spring of 1918. The Chi Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega was established as a women's sorority at Oregon Agricultural College in 1915. The minutes address chapter business including roll calls, invitations to the sorority house for dinner, treasurer reports, discussion of new pledges, ordering badges, scheduling initiation ceremonies, organizing social events, and practice for the annual stunt show.

Elmo R. and Doris Mardis Tibbetts Collection, 1923-1930*
The collection includes images of Elmo and Doris Mardis Tibbetts and documents their student activities while at OSC, including the activities of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, Zeta Tau Alpha sorority (Zeta Tau Alpha photo album), the cadet band and the practice house. The collection also includes portraits of other students.

Vera Garrison Collection, 1935-1939
The Vera Garrison Collection consists of student memorabilia assembled by Garrison and John Olsen during their student years at Oregon State College in 1935-1939. The collection includes correspondence and greetings cards, concert and game programs, dance cards, student handbooks, newsletters, newspaper clippings, broadsides, ticket stubs and ephemera, commencement programs, and a map with locations of fraternity and sorority houses (Box 01).

Virginia Marion Photographs, 1944-1945
The Virginia Marion Photographs consist of ten black and white images of Sigma Kappa sorority (Box 01) members, various sorority activities, and the Sigma Kappa house. Included in the photographs are scenes from a house dance, students wearing costumes for Sadie Hawkins Day, sorority pledges in formal dress on Initiation Day, and candid images of Sigma Kappa sisters riding bicycles, studying, and styling their hair.

Grace Gramms Scrapbook, 1937-1941*
The Grace Gramms Scrapbook consists of materials documenting her activities as a student at Oregon State College in the late 1930s. Included among the publications found with this scrapbook are Delta Delta Delta sorority newsletters, OSC student "Progressive Party" newspapers, and university guides such as the rush handbook and co-ed code (Box 01).

Dona Dinsdale Papers, 1943-2013*
The Dona Dinsdale Papers document Dinsdale's student years at Oregon State College from 1943 to 1947. The collection includes course materials, correspondence, publications, ephemera and photographs. The correspondence consists of letters written by Dinsdale to her parents from 1943 to 1947, and describes daily life at Oregon State, including sorority pledging and events (Box 02). The photographs include a group photograph of the senior graduating class of the Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Kappa Sorority (Box 02), taken in front of the chapter house on graduation day, June 8, 1947.

Jayne Walters Scrapbook, 1934-1940
The Jayne Walters Scrapbook consists of materials assembled by Walters during her student years at Oregon State College in the late 1930s. The scrapbook, and loose materials that are housed separately, include clippings, publications, ephemera, correspondence, and a few photographs. The scrapbook documents student life during this period, as well as Walters' membership in the Alpha Chi Omega sorority (Boxes 01 and 02).

Jay William Blair Photographic Collection, circa 1939-1942*
This collection consists primarily of photographic negatives made by Jay W. Blair documenting campus buildings and grounds and student activities during Blair's years at Oregon State College. The collection includes images of Blair and other students; panoramic views of campus and of a military review; and views of campus buildings, construction of the homecoming bonfire, the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority (Box 01) house, damage to campus trees by the 1941 ice storm, and the Mary's River dam.

Interfraternity Council Records, 1927-1998*
The Interfraternity Council Records consist of a Constitution, by-laws and other materials generated by the IFC and documenting Greek activities on the OSU campus. Other materials include: meeting minutes and agendas, scrapbooks, a partial list of OSU Greek alumni, risk management policy information, and IFC Judicial Committee files documenting fraternity conduct violations.The scrapbooks contain photographs and newspaper clippings.

Panhellenic Council Records, 1922-2001*
The Panhellenic Council Records document the origins, administration, and activities of sororities at Oregon State University.  A portion of the Sorority Rush Handbooks from the mid-1930s through early 1990s are available in Oregon Digital.

Fraternities and Sororites Photograph Colleciton, 1915-1989
The Fraternities and Sororities Photograph Collection documents activities and events sponsored by Greek organizations at Oregon State University as well as various fraternity and sorority houses.  Included are several images of Greek houses including Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Xi, Si Delta Mu, Alpha Rho, Gamma Phi Beta, Gamma Iota, Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Kappa. The collection also includes photographs of fraternity members participating in community outreach, alumni, Interfraternity Council, dances, and philanthropy events. The bulk of this collection has been digitized and made available online.

Oregon Multicultural Communities Research Collection, 1873-2017
This collection pertains to multicultural communities both at Oregon State University and across Oregon. The collection contains, but is not limited to, information on the following: campus cultural centers, student solidarity movements, offices and committees dedicated to diversity on campus, building information, protests and unrest pertaining to multicultural communities, and student groups and associations. Also included is the film "Black Greeks at OSU," an 18-minute undated documentary, likely circa 1990s or 2000s, featuring interviews with African American students and staff associated with Greek life at OSU. The film is available online.

Smith-Western Company Photographs of Oregon State College, circa 1955-1956
The Smith-Western Company Photographs of Oregon State College consist of images of campus buildings and sorority and fraternity houses. These images were produced around 1955. The Collection contains images of 44 different fraternity and sorority houses (Box 1, Folder 1).

Office of Multicultural Affairs Records, 1986-2009
The Office of Multicultural Affairs Records document the administration and functioning of the Office, which was established in 1991, and the variety of multicultural programs and activities for students and faculty at Oregon State University. Primarily made up of correspondence, Series 1 also contains a sub-series, Event Planning, that includes a folder on fraternity and sorority events (Box 2, Folder 18)

​Student Affairs Moving Images, 1963-1992
The Student Affairs Moving Images consist of film and video productions prepared by student affairs units at Oregon State University and include Rush, a short film depicting sorority rush for women students at Oregon State University. The film describes the process for sorority rush and the costs of being a sorority member. It includes interviews with two women students and footage of women participating in rush events, the interior and exterior of sorority houses, and fraternity men. The film is 6:29 minutes, and is available online.


lack and white photo of three women viewing Mt. Shuksan, Summer 1951Willetta Moore Photograph Album
The Willetta Moore Photograph Album consists of images assembled by Moore during her student years at Oregon Agricultural College in 1913-1916. Of special note are images of outdoor pageants and processions;outings, cookouts, and picnics, including an excursion to Newport; canoeing (Box 01); Junior Flunk Day; women playing tennis; a July Fourth parade float; and graduates at commencement activities. The album includes many images of women students, including one of a group of women wearing bandages on their upper arms apparently after receiving vaccinations with the caption "preparedness".

Doris P. Adamson Scrapbook, 1939-1942
The Doris P. Adamson Scrapbook was assembled by Adamson and documents her student experience at Oregon State College, especially for the period 1939-1941. The scrapbook includes newspaper clippings, decals, event programs, flyers, football game programs, handbooks, photographs, receipts, ribbons, study schedule charts, and ticket stubs. Many of the items document campus events such as musical performances (Box 01), including a 1940 concert by Paul Robeson; Freshman Week; Women's Weekend; homecoming; and the 1941 Rose Bowl football game.

A. Isabella Downs Scrapbook, 1910-1916
The A. Isabella Downs Scrapbook was assembled by Downs during her student years at Oregon Agricultural College and documents student life and the college environment during the mid-1910s. The scrapbook includes many images of female students; student outings to the Oregon coast (Box 01), including Seaside; and campus events such as football games, commencement, May Day pageants, the annual tug-of-war, and homecoming. Snapshots of picnics, camping trips (Box 01), and an automobile driving through a dry landscape are included; several images of women in the woods with a rifle are of special note.

Daniel P. and Doris Dow Murphy Papers, 1937-1966
The Murphy Papers consist of a scrapbook, photographs, ephemera, and publications assembled by Daniel P. Murphy and Doris A. Dow during their student years at Oregon State College. Photographs in the collection include images of Doris with friends and other residents of Jameson House; campus buildings; the commencement procession of students through campus; students on a Newman Center field trip to Silver Falls, at a beach on the Oregon coast, and at a swimming pool in Benton Lane Park; and a picnic and other student activities (Box 01).

Leo George and Ruth Ann Kramer Papers, 1951-1982
The Kramer Papers consist of materials generated and collected by the Kramers during the year that Leo George Kramer was a student at Oregon State College in 1951-1952. The letters in the collection were written by Ruth Ann to her family in Cincinnati between June and December 1951 and describe her job with the Extension Service, Lee's classes, concerts and plays on campus, the library, homecoming weekend activities, international students, and outings to nearby parks and towns (Box 01).

Francis and Lois Wilson Neer Photograph Album, 1910-1914
The Neer Photograph Album consists of photographic prints of Francis Neer, Lois Wilson, and other Oregon Agricultural College students. Other notable subjects include the Mary's and Willamette Rivers as well as canoeing, picnicking, and other outings (Box 01).

Vane G. Gibson Collection, 1908-1961
The Vane G. Gibson Collection consists of two photograph albums, a clippings scrapbook, and related materials documenting the student years of Gibson and his wife, Fern Loughridge Gibson, at Oregon Agricultural College (OAC) and their activities during the 1920s and 1930s. The second photograph album (1909-1913), an OAC Stunt Book, was apparently assembled by Fern Loughridge. Most of the images in the album are of student outings, picnics, and trips to Newport (Box 01). The album also includes dance cards and clippings announcing the marriage of Gibson and Loughridge in 1913.

Memorial Union Photographs, 1924-2004*
The Memorial Union Photographs include images of photographs documenting events organized by the Memorial Union Program Council. Images in this collection document dances, games and recreation, movie nights, and other social events held in the Memorial Union.

Beaver Yearbook Photographs, 1938-2005*
The Beaver Yearbook Photographs are comprised of numerous accessions of print and born digital photographs captured for use in the Beaver Yearbook. In addition to documenting annual events such as homecoming, Dad's, Mom's, and Siblings Weekends, and end-of-term commencements, the photographs in this collection also depict campus buildings, classroom scenes, athletic games, shots of student organization membership and events, fraternity and sorority members, intramural sports, and students engaged in everyday activities in dormitories, classrooms, and outside in the quads. A preliminary box list for the collection can be found here.


Alpha Lambda Delta - Oregon State University Chapter Records, 1933-1999
The Alpha Lambda Delta - Oregon State University Chapter Records document the members and activities of the OSU chapter Black and white image of Pierian and Jeffersonian Literary Societies picnicking in forest, May 30, 1910of the Alpha Lambda Delta national honor society, which was founded to support the academic work of women college students, focusing especially on scholastic achievements during the first year of college. The collection includes a scrapbook, meeting minutes, initiation records, annual reports, merchandise order forms, newsletters, handbooks, an organizational history, correspondence, and other administrative documents.

Omicron Nu Records, 1919-2010*
The materials contained in the Omicron Nu Records (Accession 2010:053) document the chapter's annual initiation ceremonies, membership management, awards distribution, participation in national conclave meetings, accounting activity, and the sponsorship of a forum on student rights.

Talons Records, 1936-1990*
Talons is a service-oriented honorary society for sophomore women founded at Oregon State College in 1933. This collection includes minutes of general and executive committee meetings, lists of officers and members, application forms, scrapbooks, and information about projects such as the dance for senior citizens and cookie sales. 

Phrateres Gamma Chapter Scrapbooks, 1930-1962*
The Phrateres Gamma Chapter Scrapbooks were assembled by Oregon State chapter members and document the membership and activities of the organization, which began as a social and service organization for independent women students who were not members of a sorority. The collection consists of 10 scrapbooks that include clippings, constitutions, newsletters of the national organization, ephemera, and photographs. 

Theta Sigma Phi Records, 1921-1980*
The Theta Sigma Phi Records consist of materials - including a scrapbook - that document the Alpha Eta chapter of Theta Sigma Phi, a women's professional journalism society. The collection includes minute books (1921-1955), financial and membership records, publications, newspaper clippings, annual banquet records (1944-1973), and photographs. Also included is a scrapbook of clippings (1927-1967) about Theta Sigma Phi activities and members.

Mortar Board Scrapbooks, 1938-1982
The Mortar Board Scrapbooks document the members and activities of the Oregon State chapter of this senior women's honorary society.  The scrapbooks include clippings, photographs, ephemera, and some organizational records such as newsletters and minutes. 

Alpha Epsilon Oregon Upsilon Chapter Records, 1975-1995
The records of the Oregon Upsilon chapter of Alpha Epsilon, an honor society for biological and agricultural engineers, consist of consititutions, correspondence, membership rosters, treasurer's reports, and a certificate documenting the establishment and membership of the chapter at Oregon State University. An addition to the Alpha Epsilon Oregon Upsilon Chapter Records (Accession 2011:076) includes a scrapbook containing lists of initiates and officers as well as letters regarding the chartering of the chapter.

Gamma Sigma Delta Records, 1909-2010*
The Oregon Agricultural College chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta (originally called Delta Theta Sigma) was established in 1908; it has been called the first honorary society at the university. These records document the administration, membership, and activities of this honorary agricultural society.

Alpha Zeta Oregon State Chapter Records, 1918-1983*
The Alpha Zeta Oregon State Chapter Records document the membership, governance, and programs of the agricultural honor society at Oregon State University. The records include certificates, constitutions and bylaws, correspondence, event brochures, a history of the organization, ledgers, manuals, meeting minutes, membership lists, newsletters, newspaper clippings, photographs, posters, and a trophy. 

Eta Sigma Gamma Alpha Tau Chapter Records, 1974-2001*
The Eta Sigma Gamma Alpha Tau Chapter Records document the establishment and activities of the Oregon State University chapter of the Eta Sigma Gamma honorary society for health education. The records include annual reports, brochures, bylaws, the chapter charter, certificates, correspondence, financial records, flyers, forms, handbooks, meeting agendas, membership lists, newspaper clippings, a plaque, photographs, publications, and artifacts used in initiation ceremonies.

Phi Kappa Phi -  OSU Chapter Records, 1914-2002*
These records were generated by the OSU Chapter of the Honorary Society of Phi Kappa Phi and document the origins and development of the group, the yearly process of the selection of pledges and members, sponsorship of the Biology Colloquium lecture series, and the awarding of fellowships and scholarships by the chapter. Established in 1897, the Honorary Society of Phi Kappa Phi was founded to honor academic achievement through offering membership in the Society to the top ten high percent of a college senior class. 

Eta Sigma Gamma Alpha Tau Chapter Records, 1974-2001*
The Eta Sigma Gamma Alpha Tau Chapter Records consist of materials created and assembled by the Oregon State University chapter (Alpha Tau) of this honorary society for health education and document the establishment of the chapter and its activities during the 1980s and 1990s. The records include annual reports, brochures, bylaws, the chapter charter, certificates, correspondence, financial records, flyers, forms, handbooks, meeting agendas, membership lists, newspaper clippings, a plaque, photographs, publications, and artifacts used in initiation ceremonies.

Student Government

Black and white photo of sign at MU advertising student government electionsAssociated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU) Records, 1917-2014*
The Associated Student of OSU Records document student government at Oregon State University and include records of the ASOSU Executive Branch, the ASOSU Senate, and the Graduate Student Senate. The ASOSU Records address the full range of issues that impact OSU students including fees and tuition, student activities, academic programs, athletics and intramurals, diversity and discrimination, campus security, and student housing. Records of the Oregon Student Lobby, and its successor organization the Oregon Student Association, which advocates for all post-secondary students in Oregon through educational outreach to students and lobbying of the state legislature, are also included. Subject files on women's issues and related committees can be found in Boxes 10 (Women's Center Advisory Committee), 12 (Women's Affairs), 14 (Equal/Women's Rights Amendment), 15 (President's Commission on the Status of Women), 16 (Women's Center), 17 (the status of faculty women), 19 (Women's Affairs/Saferide).

Student Assembly Records, 1903-1923
The Student Assembly Records document the activities of the student government at Oregon Agricultural College from 1903 to 1923.

Digital Collections

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