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War in the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

Camp McKinley, 1898

The Tenth Camp of 2nd Oregon USV quartered in Portland Oregon's Irvington Race Track known as Camp McKinley, May 1898. 

Harvey L. McAlister Collection, 1805-1950

The Harvey L. McAlister Collection consists of materials assembled by McAlister that document his student years at Oregon Agricultural College and his service in the Spanish-American War.The Spanish-American War materials include Spanish-American War veterans publications, Philippine newspapers published in Manila in 1898-1899, and several photographs of Oregon veterans made in the 1920s.

Harriet's Collection

Harriet's Collection - named for the first University Archivist, Harriet Moore - is an artificial collection of photographic images documenting the full range of Oregon State University programs and activities from its founding as Corvallis College in 1868. The collection consists of about 25 cubic feet of photographic prints and negatives (approximately 30,000 items) dating from the late 19th century to the present.

Images 339 and 2319 are related to the Spanish-American War.

Oregon State University Memorabilia Collection, ca. 1860-present

The OSU Memorabilia Collection is an artificial collection containing items of interest about Oregon State University and to a lesser extent, the city of Corvallis, and the state of Oregon. Folder 147 "Spanish American War - Philippine Insurrection. 1898-1949," contains newspaper clippings (1899 and 1949), "Freedoms Souvenir Songbook (1898), "Oregon's Official Roster" (Volunteer regiment 1898), Lecture flier "Oregon Volunteers in the Philippines" (1899), songs printed on flier, and a pamphlet for soldiers "A Word in Season from the Red Cross Society to Our Soldiers" (1898). 

Oregon State University Military Photographs Collection 1875-1975

The Oregon State University Military Photographs Collection consists of images of military education and cadets at Oregon State from various sources and time periods. Individual images include portraits and group shots of military cadets and officers, as well as reviews, formations, training, and instructional materials. Photographs are arranged chronologically by historical era. Photo 822 in this collection depicts Spanish-American War veterans from OAC, circa 1900.

The Barometer

Consult the 1898 issues of the The Daily Barometer for campus perspectives on the conflict. 


Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides, 1900-1940

Box-Item 28.1 - "Set 42: Spanish American War" - of the Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slide Collection, includes images of the war in Cuba and the Philippines, naval vessels, flags, and a map showing Spain's territorial possessions.

All slides from this set have been digitized and are available online.

Selected Books on the Spanish-American War

In 1Search, try keyword searches for Cuba*, Spanish-American, Philippine*, and limit the date span from 1895 to 1905.

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