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Researcher e-Visibility: ORCID

Establish your online identity, share your work, and promote your scholarship by networking with peers.


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I highly recommend taking a few minutes to get a unique ORCID identifier if you care about curating your online reputation and saving time.  Because ORCID is a non-profit organization with members such as AAAS, ACS, APA, and IEEE, it will likely become the standard identifier for researchers in the coming years, much like ISBNs identify books and DOIs identify articles.  It will save you from having to list your publications over and over on different sites.  Many tools, such as Kudos, already use ORCIDs to auto-populate researcher profiles.

Create an ORCID Identifier

1. Register for an ORCID identifier.

2. Add your professional information and link to existing sites.

3. Identify your research (on your profile, under "Works") with the "Add Works" option.  Use Scopus in "Search and Link" to identify peer-reviewed publications.  If you want to import from your Google Scholar profile, use the BibTeX option and follow the instructions here. If neither of these options work, you can add your works manually.

4. Include your ORCID identifier on your webpage anytime you submit publications, apply for grants, or create a new web presence.  This helps to ensure you get proper credit for your work.