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Researcher e-Visibility: Claim Your Identity

Establish your online identity, share your work, and promote your scholarship by networking with peers.

Options for Managing Your Identity

Why Manage Your Online Identity?

When someone searches for works you authored, what would you like to happen?  Probably, you would like them to see all of your works, but no "false positives," or works that you did not author.  In reality, it's not always easy to disambiguate between scholars or to identify all of someone's publications. Many researchers have a similar name--say H. Singh or J. Smith.  Confusion can also arise when researchers change their names.  The two tools below ameliorate this problem.

Identity & Disambiguation Tools

ORCID Unique number (like a DOI for researchers) intended to disambiguate across many platforms.
Google Scholar Create a researcher profile with "my citations" and disambiguate articles indexed in Google Scholar