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Guide for finding and researching music at Oregon State University Library

Music at The Valley Library

Print Music

The Valley Library collection of printed music includes:

  • Collected works of selected composers
  • "Monuments" and other collections of music
  • Collection of full and miniature scores
  • Reference books in music, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies
  • Books and e-books about music and musicians
  • Music journals and indexes to aid in their use

Music Recordings

  • Classical, opera, choral, and jazz music on CD
  • A broad collection of opera performances on DVD

Printed music, CDs and DVDs are searchable in 1Search. Most items circulate.

Writing Guides

Some references in our collection which can help you when writing a music report or thesis include:

  • Music in Words: A Guide to Researching and Writing About Music (ebook). Music in Words is a compact guide to researching and writing about music, addressing all the issues that anyone who writes about music--from students to professional musicians and critics--may confront when putting together anything from brief program notes to a lengthy thesis.
  • Writing About Music: An Introductory Guide (physical book). Designed as a guide for undergraduate music majors, this brief but helpful book covers the writing of research papers, program notes, concert reports, and other types of writing about music. It provides guidance in the research process and writing effective prose.

IPA Transcriptions for Singers