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The Human Library

Book Descriptions 2018

  • Being a black woman in the engineering field.
  • Our Bilingual Household: When I met my partner 13 years ago, speaking Spanish became much more a part of my life than I had imagined in high school. Since then, speaking two languages has led our entire family to embrace people, food, music, jobs, and closely-held values in unexpected ways.
  • How I Got Here: From a Nobody to a (ASOSU) Senator.
  • Living between the lines: a perspective on genderqueer living. Ever since I was child I felt that I was neither a boy or a girl. Living a life without those boundaries though is close to impossible. From living in residence halls in college to every day pronoun use to even simple things like using a public restroom, the life of trans or genderqueer person is filled with hilarity and frustration in equal measures.
  • First Generation College Graduate. Growing up in rural poverty did not prepare me for college. The culture, as expressed by my father, said: “Women shouldn’t go to college." But teachers recognized potential and pushed me forward, and I ignored my family’s message. This is a story about overcoming obstacles along my path.
  • I don't want to eat that!- How food and a patient woman from Mexico taught a sheltered girl from Corvallis to embrace and empathize with different people and learn the value of my own privilege.
  • Woman, Warrior, Teacher, Student: We are what we do and what we share.
  • Afrofuturist Anthropologist: Black girl struggles to find her place in a colonial discipline.
  • The Beauty of Brokeness: A story of resilience and triumph. My story is about a childhood filled with trauma, finding people who saw my potential; learning to love myself, becoming the first to graduate HS, and first to go to college.
  • A homefront story. June 10, 2004 the 116th Brigade Combat Team comprised of approximately 3,500 soldiers from Idaho left for six months of intensive training in preparation to join the coalition forces of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF).  In November 2004 the 116th boarded planes to Kuwait to their destination of Kirkuk, Iraq, and did not return until November 16, 2005.   The 116th BCT call up was the largest mobilization in the history of the Idaho Army National Guard. 
  • Transwoman.
  • Wayward New Yorker turned Oregonian--I grew up in New York City and thought I'd live there for the rest of my life. But after a 30-day wilderness experience in my late twenties, I turned my sights on the West. Today, I am at home in two very different places but feel the effects of a bi-coastal identity crisis.
  • US Military Veteran with 25 years of service, including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Post-transsexual: I lived for ten years as a transsexual, and now I don't.