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The Human Library

Book Descriptions 2016

The American Immigrant The continual rollercoaster that embodies the life of an immigrant. Particularly one that comes from a Muslim country. The perpetual struggle for identity and respect.  

Being Classified in an Unclassified World A classified staff person's experience.  

Cooking Pakistani Food from the Heart Most Americans do not recognize that Indian food has become this universal label for cuisines from a very large region. While Pakistani food has similar flavor profiles to some dishes in Northern India, there is wealth of diversity in cooking styles and flavors.  

Cultural Differences – Developing vs Developed World Some students and/or staff coming from developing nations may struggle with understanding and living/fitting in the culture of developed nations including the USA. Sharing of such stories helps others realize they are not alone.  

International Development Politics After 10 years of working as a humanitarian aid worker, this is a story of disillusionment, triumph and real challenges in deciding what projects are actually accomplishing for the poor and needy recipients.  

Is That Your Dad? How I discovered my white privilege.  

Living Between the Lines: A Perspective on Genderqueer Living Ever since I was child I felt that I was neither a boy or a girl. Living a life without those boundaries though is close to impossible. From living in residence halls in college to every day pronoun use to even simple things like using a public restroom, the life of trans or genderqueer person is filled with hilarity and frustration in equal measures.  

Marriage to an Undocumented Immigrant  My spouse is an undocumented immigrant. Many people are surprised to hear that it is difficult to adjust his immigration status, even though we are married (and have been for 4 years). 

Midwest to Middle East How a gal born in Middle America, was at home in Saudi Arabia, studied in the US & Scotland, now tries to be rooted in the Pacific NW. 

Military Veteran 25 Years of Service to the Nation 

Muslim Feminist The struggle to align principles of a Muslim culture with the ideals and practices of a feminist; driven by social justice and equality. 

(One Half of) a Bi-National Same Sex Couple. Because my partner is an immigrant to the US, building a life together here as a queer family has been a unique experience.  

Plains of Dakota:Intersections of Identity Unpack the layers and intersections of a first-generation college student who identifies as cisgendered, gender nonconforming female. Additionally, she identifies as a lesbian, country girl, wife, teacher, psychologist, Christian, mostly able, newly middle class, and middle aged.She is also a fur baby mama who gardens and rides a scooter. 

Racial Justice Community Activist How I’m taking action for racial justice in Corvallis.  

Sarcastic East Coaster  I am from Mendham, New Jersey. I can rant about bagels and pizza for approximately 17 hours if need be. I love the warm sandy shore and the rude people, so Oregon is quite the change of scenery. On a solemn note, my mother passed away this summer and I would also be willing to talk about that as well if you'd like. Read me!  

The Three Jewels of Sheba: My Experience in Yemen Travel to three holy sights for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religion.  


Event Schedule 2016

the 2015 Human Library was held on these days: 

  • February 9, 2016: 12:00 pm-5:00 pm

  • February 10, 2016: 10:00 am-3:00 pm