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MNR 530: Tropical Forest Ecology & Management: Overview

This guide is for students taking MNR 530 who may need tips on information resources for their course project.


Seema Mangla


  • 321 Richardson Hall

Required and recommended reading

The texts and recommended reading for this course is listed below.  

Course description

Tropical forests are highly productive and ecologically complex natural systems. This course emphasizes the ecology of tropical forests and provides a comprehensive understanding of the common patterns found within tropical forests. The increasing threats and challenges that tropical forests face in the 21st century are assessed and the issues of human use and their impacts are explored in detail. Strategies for sustainable management and restoration approaches to alleviate pressure on remaining tropical forests are discussed. The International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) management guidelines are examined. Course material is drawn from broad international forestry research literature. Examples from various tropical forests across the world are used as case studies. A brief introduction of working and travel safety skills in the tropical forests is also covered.(Taken from Syllabus)