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Collection Development and Maintenance

How Decisions are Made

Library resources are evaluated on a regular basis on both a monthly and yearly schedule by the Collection Council. During the evaluation the Council considers usage data, resource accessibility, discoverability, price increases, content, curricular relevance and vendor ethics among other criteria for each resource.  

Decisions about collections will be shared on this page, as well as a survey to provide feedback. 

Annual Renewals Timeline

January to February - We collect a comprehensive list of all journals that are up for renewal in fall of the current year.

March - After a list is drafted, we pull usage statistics for all journals. Usage statistics for the past 5 years is considered, as well as if there is any duplicate access for each journal.

April - The Collection Council reviews the list of journal titles and usage statistics, and makes decisions about cancelling or swapping out lower-use journals for new journals from the publisher.

May - The Collection Council posts decisions about swapping out or cancelling journals to the rest of the library, including subject specialist librarians.

June - We gather feedback and input from library employees. 

July - After considering feedback from the Library, the Collection Council posts final decisions about cancellations and swaps to this LibGuide. On this page, there is a area to submit feedback on this list open to all of the OSU community.

August - The feedback form will be closed at the end of August.

September - The Collection Council sends the cancellation and swap list to the publishers. Access for the selected titles will end. 

Watch List

The watchlist contains titles that we are considering cancelling in the following fiscal year. This could be due to low usage, the fact that we have the same content available through an alternate platform, or unsustainable publisher price increases. If you have any feedback about the titles on the watchlist, please utilize our feedback survey which is linked below.

Upcoming Cancellations

Past Cancellations

Provide Feedback

We are interested in getting your feedback to use in our decision-making process.  Please complete the survey to tell us how not having immediate, unmediated access to the content will impact your teaching, learning and/or research.  As a reminder, OSU Libraries is committed to providing alternative access to content we do not subscribe.