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Collection Development and Maintenance

OSU Authored or Edited Works

OSU Libraries supports the OSU research community by purchasing or accepting donations of OSU-authored or edited books. Book chapters authored by a current OSU employee are included in this policy. Our goal is to provide access to the research and creative works authored or edited by current OSU employees. Books published after an author or editor leaves OSU, or from before their employment at OSU, are excluded from this policy.

To suggest your book be purchased and added to the collection please complete a purchase request. OSU Libraries may recommend that a given electronic work is deposited to ScholarsArchive@OSU. If you would like to donate a copy of your work, please see our donation policy, linked on this guide in the left-hand menu.

Final decisions for book acquisitions will be made by the collection council according to our collection values framework, which is located on the home page of this guide.

Policy Information

This policy was last reviewed October 2022.