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Collection Development and Maintenance

Using Data to Make Decisions

At OSULP we consider data as one consideration when we are considering the addition, renewal, or cancellation of a resource. The Collection Council reviews electronic and print resource subscriptions on both a monthly and yearly basis. Quantitative data such as usage statistics and turnaway data, and qualitative data related to discovery, access, and privacy are among some of the considerations we take into account when reviewing resources. At OSULP we highly value researcher privacy. All data that we use to make decisions is at an overview level, and no identifying information is considered.

Usage Data

Types of Collection Assessment

When we do Collection Assessment we consider the following information:

  • E-resource Usage considering COUNTER Statistics
  • Overlap Analysis for New and Existing Resources
  • Age of Resource
  • Subject of Resource
  • Availability of Open Access Content
  • Cost of Resource and Cost per Use
  • Usage Trends
  • Curricular Alignment and New Programs