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HST 407/507: History of Genocide in the 20th Century (Ecampus)

Prof. Katie Hubler

Locating Scholarly Articles

You use the search terms from your research topic to search for journal articles on a topic - usually in a database.

Start your searches with broad searches (2-3 keywords, not too specific) in a general database like 1Search or Google Scholar.  Google Scholar is simple to search in, but it does take some practice to learn how to get articles that are not freely available and to make sure you are choosing the best scholarly articles.  <Learn More>

If your topic is more specialized, you may want to search in a subject database. Subject databases are available through the library for almost every topic including history. The main databases for American History is called America History and Life  and the companion database Historical Abstracts but there are others depending on your topic.

Using 1Search

To help you find resources in the OSU Libraries related to his topic, try the following terms/subject headings/subheadings

For specific regions add the region or country name. For example: 

More specifically, you can also try the following terms

  • War crime trials
  • Political atrocities
  • Ethnic relations
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Massacres (e.g. Armenian Massacre)
  • Forced migration (and a specific region or group)