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HST 407/507: History of Genocide in the 20th Century (Ecampus)

Prof. Katie Hubler

Primary Sources on the Internet

These links will take you to primary sources that have been digitized and are available on the internet.

Searching digital collections can be a little tricky. Your best bet is to start searching with broad, descriptive keywords because many times you will only be searching titles of books or collections, not the full text. If a digital collection does include ways to limit your search by date or geographic region, be sure to take advantage off the feature.
If a collection doesn't have a native search engine, it may be helpful to search the site with Google. For example, Google searching for site: "Armin Wegner” will search that website for references to Armin Wegner.

Google search box containing the text referenced i

Many of the sites listed below will also refer you to other sites. This is great for finding more materials but always use with caution. Verify who created or produced the website or archives. When possible, verify the content of any source with corroborating evidence.

Holocaust Primary Sources