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Guide to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

A guide to SCARC services; for additional information, please see our website

SCARC's Online Materials: A General Guide

Black and white photograph of students around early Tektronix computer model. Three students are seated, and two are standing over the seated students' shoulders.A wide variety of online resources are available to support your research from afar!

Oregon Digital

Oregon Digital is the online database where SCARC hosts content digitized from our archival collections, and is collaboratively managed by the University of Oregon Libraries and by Oregon State University Libraries. When we identify images or documents in our collections that we feel would support a wide range of research, or document a particular facet of history well, the material is digitized and uploaded to Oregon Digital.

The images below are intended to assist you in navigating Oregon Digital.  From the main Oregon Digital landing page, enter your search terms in the box at the top or center of the screen (see below). Alternately, use the "Explore Collections" link to the left of the search box to see a list of all available digital collections.

To limit your search results to materials from OSU, use the "Institution" facet (seen below), found near the bottom of the results page.

See which facets are limiting your search by looking at the top bar. Click the X to remove them.

Below the digitized image, you will find information about the photo. Click on the sets to see more from a particular collection.

Additional Online Resources

If you're looking for additional digitized content relating to Oregon and its history, a wide variety of sites are available to search from the comfort of your own home, including: