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Guide to the Special Collections and Archives Research Center

A guide to SCARC services; for additional information, please see our website

So you're working on a story...

There are a few things you can do to ensure your visit to SCARC is a successful one!

Providing notice for planned articles
Not sure if SCARC has the material you need for your latest story? Consult with us to see what research we can support! Every archive is different – not all archives collect the same types of materials, and not all archives focus their collections on the same subjects. We collect in six main areas: the History of OSU, the History of Science, Natural Resources, Multiculturalism in Oregon, Hops and Brewing History and Rare Books. If you have any questions about whether we have materials that will help you write your story, please use the search box in the upper right corner of our website, or email us at

Providing notice for interviews
If you have questions for us, we’d prefer them in writing, and with at least a week's notice. SCARC’s staff is a relatively small one, and we have many on-going projects, both as individuals and as teams. If we have your questions in writing, in advance, we can ensure they are answered in a thorough, timely manner by the staff best able to do so. Please also review the Frequently Asked Questions section of this guide – we may have already answered your question(s)!

Providing notice for visits
Since SCARC is operating on a by-appointment-only basis for the 2021-2022 academic year, you'll need to contact us in advance if you'd like to review materials in person. Drop us a line at - we're happy to help you identify materials of interest, and determine whether there are already digital resources available!

Preparation is helpful
As you begin thinking about your story, please visit our website and use the search box in the upper right corner to search our holdings for relevant collections. For more information on how to find rare books and archival materials, what happens when you visit SCARC, and how to read a collection guide, take at the "Finding SCARC Materials" tab on the "Reference and Research Services" page.

Cite your sources
Whether it’s a photograph, digital download, or quote, we’d love for you to use our materials in your article! We only ask that you complete our Notification of Use form (this can be completed after the article is published), and cite the specific collections you used (e.g. if you use a photograph of a document or other archival item, or a quote from an primary source). See the Frequently Asked Questions section of this guide for more information!

We’d love to see your finished work! Feel free to email it directly to the staff member you worked with, or to our main email account at If you have any last minute questions prior to publication (e.g. spelling of last names, how to cite a specific item in a collection, or general fact checking), please don't hesitate to contact us!